Since we cannot communicate enough over the phone, I am writing down some of my understandings. With the past several years' experiences, Dafa practitioners have matured in circumstances seen as "adverse." We cannot slacken off for even a moment in doing the three things we should do. We are not doing the three things on a "shallow" level. Rather, we are doing them according to higher standards and requirements of the Fa. If we can understand the Fa from the depths of our mind, and manifest from inside to outside the state of a true Enlightened being with virtuous enlightenment and righteous Fa, what shows in the human world would be that there's nothing we cannot achieve. We shouldn't just limit the sending forth righteous thoughts to four times a day; we should do it constantly, and make sure that at every moment, our mind is doing it, as eliminating evil is our duty. If we don't do well, it will cause big loss. We have deeply realized the seriousness of it.

It is most critical to study the Fa. It is useless to put in effort on the surface without understanding the inner meaning of the Fa, because in this way we lose the opportunity to find our deeply hidden notions and fail to identify it. Then it will drive our thoughts to bring negative consequences, since any notion that does not conform to the Fa is irresponsible. These notions would constantly appear in one's mind to control one's behavior. The practitioners around me pay much attention to Fa study, as they have realized more from the lessons. Describing with time, they study the Fa for as much as 5 to 6 hours a day, and at least ensuring 1 to 2 hours a day.

We have fulfilled all these in an open and dignified manner, in the practice of validating the Fa, demonstrating the righteous enlightenment and establishing mighty virtue, and on the premise of paying close attention to Fa study and with the Fa as the guarantee. There is nothing we cannot achieve. After overcoming the restraint of human mentality and karma, we are walking towards the light. In the process of us doing well, we also bring peaceful effects to the environment surrounding us and touch people's hearts. We do not have the intention to show off or boast about what we are doing. Instead we just do well and manifest everywhere the state of virtuous enlightenment and righteous Fa.

People around us who were deceived (by propaganda against Dafa) can feel from us peace and hope. They say, "We cannot imagine there are people so good like you in this world. From you we learned how to control our bad temper, how to educate children and how to be a human being. We could not handle these things well at all before." These heartfelt words show the power of Dafa's reappearance in the human world. It is in this environment that we feel the power and perfect harmony of the sacred Dafa bestowed to disciples by Master, and the "existence" of the Fa. Eradicating everything in the old system and disintegrating any thought not conforming to the standards, the light is right in front of us. We treat all people with the same pure compassionate mindset that is beyond human sentimentality, from our "relatives" in the small family environment to everyone around us. We actively assimilate everything around us.

What I said above is true and real. I believe you will see all these in the near future, as all these are the inevitable manifestation of the Fa, and we are just the witnesses. We will strive forward more diligently, amend anything that is not righteous, and do better.

All that cannot be open and dignified due to restriction are of human hearts, as only human hearts and notions can have restriction, omission and trouble. Let's strive forward diligently together, and do everything with the state of virtuous enlightenment and righteous Fa. Currently the "environment" felt by human hearts, no matter in China or abroad, good or bad, is a false impression. If we are truly assimilating to the Fa, we will naturally see another scene. Only by studying the Fa can we truly understand all this, and can we break away all (that's blocking). The original state of being is conforming to Dafa, which is beyond description and explanation by the concept of any being. All the things the Fa bestowed us are beyond all human notions, thus the meaning of life is different and the state of being is different.

We often have the thought of missing Master, but it will pass in a flash, as we know Master is always with us.

Your friend,

August 18, 2003