Unharmed Girl

After beginning to practice Falun Dafa, a female Dafa practitioner in a county of Heilongjiang Province enjoyed many health benefits. Her daughter Lingling, now studying in high school, has always been very supportive of Dafa. On August 31, 2003, on her way to school, Lingling accidentally fell into a 3-meter deep sewerage drain. Drowning in the dirty water, Lingling suddenly had a thought, "Master please save me!" Just then two kindhearted pedestrians pulled Lingling, with all their might, up to safety. They immediately notified her family and she was then taken to a hospital. After examination, Lingling was confirmed uninjured. All the neighbors thought of this as a miracle. But her family members said that this happened because Lingling's mother, being a Dafa practitioner, was blessed and so was Lingling as she was very supportive of Dafa.

A House in Disrepair Survives a Tornado

Around July 29, 2003, a village in Hebei Province was unexpectedly hit by a tornado. The winds were very strong; many roofs were blown away, and many large trees collapsed. Even the electricity poles were knocked down. They still haven't been repaired. After the tornado, all the houses were left with different sorts of damage except one that didn't suffer any damage at all. This old house, which hadn't been repaired for years, survived the mighty tornado. The house was home to Falun Dafa practitioners. Neighbors were stunned and said among themselves, "Look! The Falun Gong practitioners' house is safe." The news quickly spread through the village and lots of people came to see the house. Even people who previously didn't believe in Dafa accepted the truth when they saw what had happened. Earlier, the mother of the Dafa practitioner staying in that house was against Falun Dafa. But after seeing the house for herself, she also began to believe in Dafa.