On July 20, 1999, Jiang's regime began persecuting Falun Gong. Ever since many practitioners in Miyi County, Panzhihua City, Sichuan Province have been illegally arrested, beaten, brutally tortured, and sentenced to prisons and labor camps. In addition, some practitioners were forced to separate from their family members and leave their homes in order to avoid further persecution.

On June 20, 2000, dozens of practitioners in Salian Village, Miyi County held a small scale experience sharing conference at an area with very little traffic located about one hundred meters (300 ft) away from the main road. Suddenly, a bunch of police showed up. They beat, kicked and forced the practitioners to the main road. One practitioner, Song Chenghui, saw through their plan and refused to go to the main road. Four policemen had to drag him to the main road. They were surrounded by many non-practitioners and the situation was very disorderly. Fifty-year-old practitioner Zhou Shenghui was brutally beaten by the police, but she still spoke very loudly and said, "Fellow practitioners, please stand on both sides of the main road and do not interrupt the traffic."

When the police vehicle arrived, the police used a camcorder to record the chaotic situation. The clothes of practitioner Zeng Jianjun were torn to pieces and he was pushed into the river. That day, the unlawful officers coordinated with many people, including the police, government officials and staff members from both Miyi County and Panzhihua City. They trapped the practitioners on the main road and then started the arrests. There were more than ten practitioners arrested in total.

That night, the Miyi County TV station aired a "special news" report with a set of video clips and said that practitioners "blocked the traffic." Among the arrested practitioners, some were detained, some were illegally sentenced to labor camp (Zhou Shenghui, Song Chenghui, Wang Yuanping, Zhuang Delin, Zhang Zhenghuan, Zhang Hongying, and others) and some were sentenced to jail. The longest sentence was eight years while the shortest was three years. Those practitioners are still incarcerated and being subjected to ongoing persecution today.