On August 26, 2003, we learned that in October 2002, a steadfast female practitioner was transferred from the No.4 Brigade of the Shijiazhuang Forced Labor Camp. No means could shake her faith. So, the guards of the No.2 Brigade organized a meeting with some "collaborators" [former practitioners who have given up their practice because of the severe pressure and torture and who now assist the authorities in the persecution of Falun Dafa] including her own brother, to devise more tricks.

They divided into several groups and bombarded her with intensive brainwashing around the clock. However, no matter what they tried, including coercion, bribery and lies, nothing seemed to work. After one month, the persecutors were exasperated. Even though the practitioner had not slept for a whole month, they could not break her will. When she was about to fall asleep, the collaborators would use cold towels to wipe her face or make her stand, or would do whatever they could to keep her from sleeping. They even had regular meetings to develop new ways to "transform" her. All of this, however, was in vain.

Hebei Provincial Forced Labor Commission

Li Jinke, Bureau Chief: 86-311-8607766

Sun Hai, Bureau Chief: 86-311-8607778, responsible for term reduction and early release. He would not approve the release of some practitioners, even after the "610 Office" had authorized it.

Management Office: 86-311-8607850, 86-311- 8607851 86-311-8607848

Disciplinary and Inspecting Commission: 86-311-8607844

No. 2 Brigade of Shijiazhuang Forced Labour Camp

Address: Beijiao Zhaolingpu Village, North

Switchboard: 86-311-7776345

Office: 86-311-7777689