(Clearwisdom.net on August 29 news)

The article "Tolerance and Respect for Others" published on Clearwisdom.net http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2003/9/9/40051.html deeply touched me, although it was very short. A few of its sentences clarify the true relationship between cultivators.

Suppressed anger in people's hearts forms a barrier that causes them to be unable to tolerate and respect others. Our achievements and reputations in our everyday lives also generate obstacles in the path to developing compassion for and tolerance of others. However, only by studying the Fa with a truly peaceful mind and by looking inside can we realize our own shortcomings, and this is sometimes really difficult.

It is possible that this so-called "difficulty" points out one of our deficiencies. Today, during Fa study, I noticed that many times Master talked about "moving the heart or not." I realized that "difficulty" can mean that deep down I do not want to give up my attachments completely. When did my attitude change drastically upon thinking of such things? When did my mood change? When was my notion generated? I really feel ashamed upon examining all these!

Living in the environment of Fa-rectification, clarifying the truth, saving sentient beings, while paying attention to improving my individual character, we painstakingly clarify the truth to others. At the same time, I realize that to do everything with an "unmoved heart" is an excellent attitude that can only be achived through true cultivation. When our hearts are moved, it means that we are still in the human realm and not truly in the Fa. Regardless of how high-sounding our words may be, they are all pale, whereas the field created by xinxing can be felt by every cultivator.

When someone insists on his opinion, it can create a barrier for other practitioners who cultivate and clarify the truth. I have to ask myself if it is really true that only I can clarify the truth. Should everybody really adopt my ideas and methods?

As the practitioner correctly states in the last section of his article, "The mind of understanding, the heart of tolerance, and the realm of treasuring others are the direct reflection of our Xinxing (mind or heart nature, moral character). Every cultivator should be responsible to himself and herself. What will we get if we don't want to tolerate and treasure others? Only if we do everything with such a tolerant heart and really treasure other people, will our own existence become meaningful. Only if we tolerate others, will we able to return to the forever-beautiful and forever-lasting new cosmos."

I would like to make the suggestion that we should all ask ourselves when we last read Zhuan Falun, or when we finished reading all of Master's lectures from 2003? We should also ask ourselves how long it takes us to finish reading Zhuan Falun? When did we last complete the five sets of exercises within a single day? And do we discover others' problems during Fa study or our own deficiencies from the standpoint of the Fa?

I asked myself those questions, and really felt very touched. Time is now very limited for us to cultivate and validate Dafa. Whether or not we can truly take advantage of this period of time decides whether we can truly be responsible for ourselves and for all the sentient beings that we represent.

This represents my own understanding and I hope that my fellow cultivators can point out any mistakes or deficiencies.