(Clearwisdom.net September 13, 2003) The Car Tour Around the US to Rescue Charles Li arrived at Camden City in South Jersey on the morning of September 10 after a 28-day trip from California. The team, local Dafa practitioners and supporters held a signature collection activity in front of City Hall.

Mr. Tony Evans, Executive Assistant to Mayor Gwendolyn Faison, represented the mayor to support the car tour team. He said, "All of America must support the rescue and protest the imprisonment of individuals especially American citizens in foreign countries. Facing the terrorism that occurred in America and other countries, we must stand up. People strive for rights of freedom, exchange of ideas and returning to their home country, to make China better. If there is anything that needs to be done and must be done, Camden will definitely support."

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Mr. Tony Evans, Executive Assistant to Mayor, gives speech Courier Post, the largest Newspaper in South Jersey, interviews Chen Gang People in front of City Hall sign to call on China to release Charles Li

Chen Gang, living in South Jersey and getting united with his family in Mid-July, narrated his personal experience, "In Tuanhe Labor Camp, police shocked my whole body with 5 to 11 electric batons of as high as over 10, 000 voltage each. Every shock made me feel like being bitten by a snake. Shocking on my head felt like being struck by a hammer. Each time, they shocked me for a long time, which resulted in burning of skin and muscle. I was tortured like this many times." He said, "Because I was tortured in labor camp mentally and physically, I can imagine the torture that Charles Li is suffering."

Chen Gang's wife, as family member of persecution victim, also suffered much pressure. She said that the National Security Bureau investigated her in her work unit and was monitored in her residential building. Upon recalling the 18 hard months when her husband was jailed, she choked with tears, "There are hundreds of thousands of practitioners like him being imrpisoned and tortured for beliving in Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance. Upon recollection of that scene, I think of the family members of those Falun Gong practitioners being persecuted. I'd like to speak out my past suffering to call on more people with justice to support Falun Gong, urge the Chinese government to release Charles Li and have those being persecuted be able to unite with their families."

Chen Gang said that former Chinese President Jiang deserves the lawauit for genocide, "His persecution is doomed to fail. Today he is being sued and he must be held responsible for the crimes he has committed."

Mr. Harverd Lofland, a local resident who heard about Charles Li's imprisonment said, "Too injustice. Chinese and all people in the world hold the same rights. He should be released." After signing the signature book, Mr. Ragat Zde said, "I cannot tolerate any inhumane persecution against those with belief. I support you."

After the activity, the Car Tour team began the drive to Delaware.