(Clearwisdom.net September 13, 2003) 2003 Australia Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference will be held on September 14, 2003. On the afternoon of September 12, the Sydney-Melbourne SOS Urgent Rescue Drive team completed their 900-kilometer (562 miles) journey for ten days and arrived at the final destination: The Chinese Consulate in Melbourne. They and other Dafa practitioners from various places of Australia held large scale candlelight vigils to commemorate those fellow practitioners tortured to death in China, protest the killing and send forth righteous thoughts, which formed the prelude of the three-day large scale truth-clarification and the conference.

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Mourning fellow practitioners tortured to death in China at this full-moon night

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Sending forth righteous thoughts

Practitioners participating in this candlelight vigil include those from Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taiwan, New Zealand, and Malaysia. The practitioners sat in long lines in front of the Chinese Consulate and sent forth righteous thoughts intensively in the solemn atmosphere to eliminate remnant evil forces in the other dimensions. The grand procession attracted the attention of drivers and passengers in the cars passing by. Many of them honked to show support. Melbourne residents are already familiar with candlelight vigils in front of the Chinese Consulate.

After the candlelight vigil, the practitioners from each country exchanged experiences on clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings in the Fa-rectification period, especially discussing how to better utilize the media. The practitioners realized that as long as we conduct ourselves with pure hearts, Dafa would endow us wisdom to be able to do what we should do.

The conference is the first one held in Melbourne. Thus we will take advantage of this opportunity to have more people know the truth. Beside the experience sharing conference on September 14, there was a large march, rally and press conference in downtown on September 13. There was also music and song performances and exercise demos in shopping centers and a large music and vocal concert.