Practitioner 1: New Realizations and Changes in My Life

After almost one month of practicing Falun Gong, my daily life, personal relations and mental health have changed tremendously. Prior to learning Falun Gong, I was the type of person who just wandered around aimlessly, like I had no purpose in life. There were times when I wanted to end my life, but somewhere deep within my heart there seemed to be a voice that led me and persuaded me not to give up.

After being introduced to Falun Gong, I realized that there were still many things in this world that I didn't understand. At that moment, I truly felt a peace that I had never before experienced. I had never known or understood these things simply because I had never seriously searched for them.

During this first month of practicing Falun Gong, I constantly looked for the guiding principles of life that I had previously lost. Now I can deeply feel the positive effects of Falun Gong.

From now on, I will never again be aimless. I will live every day of my life carefully. If one were to give up on life, the consequences would be horrible. There is a beautiful garden in my life's journey that is waiting for me to nourish and develop it.

Practitioner 2: Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance Will Improve Society

Before I came to know Falun Gong, I had a relatively extreme attitude towards qigong. It was not until I was introduced to Falun Gong that my recognition and way of thinking about it completely turned around.

In Falun Gong class, every practitioner who guided me had a warm and courteous manner. In addition, they gave me frequent and meticulous guidance, which made me let go of my previous suspicions and mental opposition. After I had read the book Zhuan Falun several times, I felt that it not only explained qigong, but also clearly explained some of the situations that happen in ordinary society. It always reminds me that cultivating character is far more important than doing cultivation exercises.

Furthermore, Teacher (Mr. Li Hongzhi) teaches the principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance," telling people to not only speak the truth and do good deeds, but also to understand forbearance and tolerance. Therefore, whenever cultivation becomes difficult to bear, I think about Teacher's words and bite my tongue, and then I continue. After completing each cultivation test, the successful feeling that I have is indescribable in any language.

Although the Falun Gong classes are soon coming to an end, I am optimistic toward the future days. I will keep the same beliefs, and continue in the spirit of "Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance" because I deeply believe that by firmly adhering to one's faith, our society will become a better place, both now and in the future.

Practitioner 3: Indescribable Relief and Feeling of Ease

After nearly one month of Falun Dafa studies, I feel that Falun Dafa, which cultivates both one's nature and longevity, is the only true cultivation method in history, which has also gained the respect of hundreds of millions of people. During the Teacher's (Mr. Li Hongzhi's) in-depth teaching, he stresses that everyone who cultivates Falun Dafa must assimilate to Falun Dafa's most important feature, which is "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance."

I have been in jail for some time now, and whenever I felt irritated, I always thought about the policeman who initially captured me, hoping to one day have a life and death fight with him. Then, the prison institution introduced me and my fellow students to a cultivation method that could make our restless hearts tranquil. They hope to use this method to eliminate every student's attachments. By the same token, they also hope that every student will have a successful life in the highly competitive society after their prison term has been served.

By cultivating Falun Dafa with my fellow students, even though I have not completely eliminated all of my attachments, I feel that my rebellious heart is slowly calming down, which allows me to ignore the rude comments for now and have peaceful days.

Falun Dafa not only cultivates one's character, but also includes the five exercise movements, which have the ability to eliminate illness and improve physical health. After having experienced their benefits myself, I realized it's neither tiring nor difficult to practice these movements, and they give me a kind of indescribable relief and feeling of ease.