Officials in Dalian Labor Camp, Liaoning Province have intensified their mental torture and psychological pressure on the unlawfully detained Dafa practitioners during the last few months. Since March 2003, the labor camp officials have successively placed twenty or more practitioners in isolation. The process has already progressed beyond the third stage. The first stage was between early March and April 23rd, when practitioners were locked up in a small hut and guarded closely. Practitioners' daily living was severely restricted: when practitioners made simple requests to use the toilet or wash their face, when it was allowed, the guards would hound them the entire time. Every day they were relentlessly harrassed by collaborators (former Falun Gong practitioners who have gone astray due to brainwashing and torture) trying to persuade them to give up their belief.

The second stage started on April 25th and ended on May 8th. Labor Camp officials sent 11 practitioners to a newly established "Transformation Center." The "sandwich" tactic was employed whereby each practitioner was constantly flanked by two collaborators who stayed with the practitioner in the same cell. The second phase ended abruptly due to the SARS epidemic. In the third stage, which started on May 8th, practitioners were confined in isolation as in the first stage, and for as long as three months. During the process, the prison guard first pretended to be friendly and chatted with the practitioners, but gradually spread rumors about them, and then proceeded to harrass them non-stop. Once practitioners saw through the facade and exposed their true natures or resisted them, they would threaten the practitioners with "forcible transformation" and "extended labor camp sentences." Any practitioner who went on a hunger strike would be physically tortured. However, most practitioners with righteous thoughts were not moved. Currently, all newly detained practitioners are being confined in isolation, as are all practitioners who declare their intention to resume practicing.

The torture of Dafa practitioner Mr. Qu Fei

Dafa practitioner Qu Fei was abducted to the Labor Camp in March 2003. At the outset, Shi Guangda, a staff dispatched by the team captain, slapped Qu Fei's face and head with his shoes while talking to him. Qu Fei's face was beaten until swollen. A few days later guards Yang Lixin, Han Fayu, and Song Shuwu tortured Mr. Qu again. Song Shuwu repeatedly slapped Qu Fei's mouth with his shoe, and took breaks when he was exhausted. Meanwhile, Yang Lixin pulled out a straw stalk from a bed cushion, and stuck it 4 to 5 centimeters into Qu Fei's ear. Song Shuwu did the same with Qu's other ear. Then, Yang Lixin started beating Qu Fei's thighs with his fists. Joining Yang Lixin, Song Shuwu said to Mr. Qu, "It's no big deal if several more people died in the labor camp." That night Mr. Qu could not talk nor eat since his face and mouth were swollen from the beating. In the ensuing days, the main team captain Guo Peng arranged for the leader of the Fourth Defense Team, Liu Fengliang, to further torture Mr. Qu. Liu and his fellow teammate Liang Changsheng first used planks to beat Qu Fei, then beat his bare buttocks with big wooden boards after removing his pants. Notwithstanding all the torture, Qu Fei still refused to sign the three guarantee letters. He was later transferred to the large group.

The torture of Dafa practitioner Mr. Shi Yueli

In early May of 2003, Shi Yueli was deceived into going to the "Strictly Supervised Class" by the leader Li. Soon after Shi entered the room, the leader brought in four to five guards. Guards Gao Yongping and Li Lichang dashed toward Mr. Shi and tied his legs to the legs of a chair and handcuffed his hands to the back of the chair. They used four layers of bed sheets to cover his head, in case he should yell. They then tortured Mr. Shi with electric batons, and used hard plastic batons to beat him from head to toe. When exhausted from the beating, the leader of the guards Jing Dianke said: "I will beat you until you give up Falun Gong. You do not drink alcohol because of your practice Falun Gong, right? I will make you swallow two liters of wine today." The guards used wooden sticks to pry open Mr. Shi's mouth. Mr. Shi resisted, and one of his lower teeth was knocked out and bled profusely. However, the vicious guards kept pouring wine into Mr. Shi's mouth. During the process, wine was forced into Mr. Shi's windpipe, suffocating him and caused him to pass out. When Mr. Shi regained consciousness, he found the leader Liu Zhongke, Jing Dianke and other guards were busy slapping his mouth, and pinching the acupoint above his upper lip, desperately trying to revive him. The guards let out a collective sigh of relief when Mr. Shi regained consciousness. Later, they handcuffed Mr. Shi's hands onto a bed for over two months. During this time, Mr. Shi was beaten by guards often; they did not let him sleep. After these two months' torture, Mr. Shi could no longer walk without assistance. Later, Mr. Shi was sent to the second class for further persecution.

Others Tortured and Dalian Labor Camp

Mr. Zhang Yong, a Qinghua university graduate, was tortured in Dalian Labor Camp in March 2003. On March 28th, Song Shuwu from the eighth brigade used a foldable bench to hit Zhang's head, slapped Zhang's body with his shoe, and hung him up for a long period of time.

Dafa practitioner Mr. Lin Jizhu was viciously beaten and tortured by Zhou Fengwu and Han Deyu after being kidnapped to the labor camp. Despite this abuse, he is still steadfast in his belief in "Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance."