(Clearwisdom.net) Since May, the Donggang police have been frantically persecuting Dafa practitioners. In just three months they have arrested twenty-five Dafa practitioners.

Those detained at the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp include:

Ms. Wang Xinfeng, Ms.Wang Xiuli, Ms. Pei Shengmin, Ms. Shi Jinying, Ms. Man Youyu, Ms. Sun Lianchun, Ms. Sun Guiling, Ms. Wang Meihua, Ms. Jiang Shuxian.

Those detained at the Jindandong Forced Labor Camp include:

Mr. Chen Xiping, Mr. Gao, Mr. Pan Wende, Mr. Cao Wanxiu, Mr. Pan Shouhe and his elder brother Mr. Pan Shouchen.

Those still detained at the police station include:

Ms. Li Na, her elder sister Ms. Li Li and their mother (non-practitioner), Ms.Yu Fengying, Ms. Li Chunyan, Mr. Liu Zhiqing.

Those forced to leave home to avoid further persecution include:

Mr. Li Zongsheng, Mr. Yu Shuxin, Mr. Xu Haojie.