(Clearwisdom.net September 2, 2003)

Although Minghui/Clearwisdom net is a special website for Falun Dafa practitioners, it is also open to all of society. As a result, it faces 3 different kinds of readers: Falun Dafa practitioners, other people in society, and the evil forces. Falun Dafa practitioners use this site to share in learning and share in cultivating, upgrading together. Our experience and opinion articles are for sharing, not to show off.

Sometimes the articles we submit will be posted, sometimes they will not. Sometimes they will be edited by editors or even corrected. We might have different thoughts as we face these different situations. In fact, whether posted or not posted, edited, or corrected, there must be many reasons for this, such as having to consider the readers' comprehension, appropriateness of content, etc.

Practitioners in China and overseas need to read content based on their different environments. Fellow practitioners who are in different cultivating states will have different reactions to each article. As for ordinary people, there are governments, human rights organizations, media, and readers with different cultural backgrounds. We also need to consider those who are sympathetic towards us, supporting us, observing us, and even those who misunderstand us. We need to consider exposing the evil, shocking the evil, and how to be more effective on "610 Office" personnel, diplomats, media workers, corrupted evil helpers, police with different mindsets, and even to the head evil.

Some of us might feel happy when our articles are posted or if our own articles were cited or acknowledged by other fellow practitioners. Some feel happy that their articles are posted more frequently as compared to others. If their articles are not published, then their enthusiasm is lowered, and they appear irrational, being critical of published articles and treating the website with personal opinions. In fact, those who submit articles with such mindsets have already deviated from righteous thoughts. We should correct our own mind when it is not righteous.

In order to upgrade together, let us experience how our hearts move after submitting the articles and waiting for them to be posted. What kinds of behavior do we have? Does anything come up that reveals a need for us to improve in our own cultivation?

Below is Master's Article from Essentials for Further Advancement.

"The Fa Conference"

"It is necessary for disciples to share with one another what they have experienced and learned in their cultivation. There is no problem with them helping one another make progress together, so long as they don't have any intention of showing themselves off. Some conferences for sharing cultivation experiences have been held in different regions to facilitate the spreading of Dafa. All of these conferences have been excellent and healthy, both in form and content. But the students' speeches must be approved by the assistance centers to avoid political issues--which have nothing to do with cultivation practice--or issues that set incorrect trends in cultivation practice and in society. Meanwhile, we should avoid practicing superficial boasting--something which derives from everyday people's theoretical studies. No one should compile, with the intention of showing off, articles in the style of official reports and then deliver them in some large public speech.

"Large conferences for sharing cultivation experiences that are organized by the general assistance centers at the provincial or city level should not be held on a national scale. A national or an international one should be organized by the Research Society, and it should not be held too frequently. Once a year should be good (except for in special cases). Don't turn them into a formality or competition; instead, make it a solemn Fa conference that can truly bring about progress in cultivation."

Li Hongzhi, June 26, 1996