(Clearwisdom.net September 5, 2003) The second Quebec Chinese Culture Festival was held in Quebec, Canada from August 30 to August 31. The Montreal Lotus Art Troupe, formed by Falun Dafa practitioners, was invited again to participate and to demonstrate traditional Chinese dancing and Falun Gong exercises.

The Quebec Chinese Culture Festival was initiated and hosted by Jocelyn Toy, the founder of Jocelyn Toy's Chinese Martial Arts School. Its purpose is to promote the essence of Chinese culture and attract more Chinese from Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal to bring the Chinese culture to Quebec.

Jocelyn Toy said: "The Lotus Art Troupe is very outstanding. They came last year, and their costumes and dancing were very popular and entertaining . Therefore, we invited them again this year. They will become part of our annual Chinese Culture Festival."

During the 2-day Chinese Culture Festival, the Jocelyn Toy's Chinese Martial Arts School demonstrated traditional Chinese Martial arts and Lion Dancing, the Lotus Troupe from Montreal performed the traditional Chinese Dances, "Praise of Lotus," "Flying Heavenly Beauty," in Tang Dynasty costumes. After their stage performance, the members of the Lotus Art Troupe also performed many times on the lawn for tourists. They also demonstrated the five sets of Falun Gong exercises. The wonderful dance performances and the peace and serenity of the Falun Gong exercises attracted many people to watch, photograph and learn the exercises. Many audience members were very eager to take pictures with practitioners. They highly commended practitioners' attire and their performances. The audience interacted with the practitioners very well, and learned dancing, Falun Gong exercises and traditional Chinese paper-folding art to make Lotus flowers from practitioners. People were immersed in the peaceful festival atmosphere.

Many Quebec residents brought their adopted Chinese children to the festival. It was said that there are about 2000 adopted Chinese children in Quebec. Many parents who have adopted Chinese children expressed their wish to have such an environment so that their children can learn more about Chinese culture.