(Clearwisdom.net) In Hebei Province, the Laishui County Public Security Bureau has once again attempted to portray their unjustifiable actions as lawful, citing a dubious charge to excuse another large-scale, illegal arrest of over twenty innocent Falun Gong practitioners. The Bureau began removing citizens from their homes for incarceration and torture while attributing this round of state-sponsored terrorism to the accusation that these citizens were spreading SARS rumors. These local police then applied barbaric tactics aimed at coercing the practitioners into renouncing their freedom of belief. Following their torture, some practitioners have continued to suffer in a crippled state. This gross miscarriage of justice was overseen by Mr. Zhang Jianhua, the Public Security Bureau political commissioner in Laishui County. Mr. Zhang as well as the other authorities named below are responsible for these atrocities.

Names and positions of authorities directly involved in the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in Laishui County are as follows:

Liu Yaohua, Discipline Secretary General of Laishui Public Security Bureau

Liu Jianchuan, Director of Political Protection, Laishui Public Security Bureau

Dai Chunjie, Deputy Director of Political Protection, Laishui Public Security Bureau

Yu Deshen, Jail Director for Laishui Public Security Bureau

He Yuxin, Director of Laishui Public Security Bureau's Detention Center

Liu Shengli, Chief of Laishui Public Security Bureau

Telephone Numbers:

Laishui Public Security Bureau: 86-312-4522219, 86-312-4522220

Criminal Detectives' Headquarters: 86-312-4526845

Downtown Criminal Detectives: 86-312-4530110

Laishui Judicial Bureau: 86-312-4522245

Laishui People's Court: 86-312-4522227

Laishui Criminal Court: 86-312-4525564

Laishui Procuratorate Court : 86-312-4522226, 86-312-4530097

Laishui Report Center: 86-312-4532000

Laishui's People's Government: 86-312-4523406

Office: 86-312-4522102