(Clearwisdom.net, July 30, 2003)

The Prisoner Dispatch Center for forced labor camps in Beijing moved to a new address at the end of 2001. Every one of the people who were sent to labor camps through this dispatch center was forced to do one particular "ceremony."

They were taken to a place away from their dormitory. Two rows of fully armed police stood several feet away from each other. All had electric batons in hand. A policeman stood in the front. All the people going to the forced labor camps, including Falun Gong practitioners, were ordered to squat down with hands around their heads. Then the police officer in front held up a shiny knife and started to give them a lesson, "From now on you are a person in 'forced labor education'." Then the policemen and policewomen sent the newcomers to their dormitories, shouting along the way.

Since many Falun Gong practitioners had endured all kinds of torture before being sent to the labor camps, many of them had wounds and injuries from the torture. Also, many practitioners had gone on hunger strikes in the detention centers to protest the illegal detention. So many of them were very weak. It was difficult for them to walk fast while carrying their luggage. The police then said viciously, "Don't think you will get released for having health problems. Even if you die, it doesn't matter. We have a quota for deaths."