I haven't made phone calls for quite a long time. When I picked up the phone again I had this unexplainable fear in my heart and my hand was shaking. Instantly I realized that it was the evil in the other dimension becoming scared. This was because I had already made so many phone calls and my heart was always very calm. Then why would I become scared? This was because I hadn't made phone calls for quite a long time and the evil had accumulated in that dimension. When I made phone calls today it was only natural for the evil to get scared because it knew that it would be eliminated. That meant that I must make the phone call.

I calmed myself down and recalled the experience shared with an American practitioner while I was in Chicago. The grand mercy he had shown in calling China to clarify the truth appeared in my mind. I picked up the phone with no impure thought in my mind and actually the only thought I had was to try my best to save those who could be saved. In no time my phone call was connected to the home of a leading member of a work unit where Dafa practitioners are persecuted. It was his wife who answered the phone. I told her in a very calm and steady voice that I was an overseas Chinese and had made the call from Australia. I said that when I learned from the Internet that the work unit her husband was in charge of persecutes Falun Dafa practitioners, I felt very sad. I just wanted to tell her husband not to mistreat Falun Dafa practitioners who are cultivating Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance...

She said, "I understand. I always hung up on the phone calls you people made in the past. The reason I did not hang up today is that you sound like a friend of ours." I immediately urged her and her husband to treat Falun Dafa practitioners kindly to leave a beautiful future for themselves. She replied, "I know. I will do what you have told me." After that we chatted about some other light topics and finally ended the conversation we were a bit reluctant to say good-by.

After hanging up I felt very happy for this was the most pleasant phone call I had ever made since I began calling China to clarify the truth. During this phone call the most important thing was that from the very beginning I spoke with a merciful heart to save people so my voice was so peaceful that it even surprised myself. In the past, before making phone calls, in my sub-conscience I had already positioned the other side as the bad guy so every word that came out of my mouth contained very strong messages. As a result the other side often hung up. This did not clarify the truth, but instead produced adverse effects.

When I looked into every phone call I made I felt that making phone calls was similar to the travels of monks and nuns. Every time meeting different people; some would curse, some threaten, some laugh at you and still others lie. How we deal with these people simply depends on our mentality. If we have a very pure heart to stop the evil, and to save the sentient beings, then no human attitude can make our minds move. In clarifying the truth, the wisdom will be pouring in, every sentence I say will be to the point and strike the heart of everyday people. My real understanding is that to make phone calls to clarify the truth is not simply the change of words, but cultivation. If your Xinxing [the nature of the mind or the heart, moral character] is high then you can do a better job in clarifying the truth. The more phone calls you make, coupled with continuous studying of the Fa [Law and Principles], plus constant self-inspection and finding your shortcomings; you then will constantly improve yourself.