In mid-July 2002, Xinhua Labor Camp's Superintendent Zhao Zeyong, the Education Director Yu Xincai and others once again plotted to persecute Dafa practitioners on a large scale. The police made use of criminals convicted of substance abuse, robbery and theft to torture practitioners. They executed corporal punishment, deprived practitioners of sleep, exposed them under the scorching sun, beat and cursed at them, and deprived them of toilet privileges; even people in their 50's and 60's were not spared. Mr. Li Xinze, a practitioner from Neijiang City, 51 years of age, has been tortured along with other practitioners since July.

He was only allowed to sleep 3-4 hours or less each day, and endured long hours of torture. In the intense heat of the scorching summer sun, the guards forced the practitioners to run or be dragged along, and to squat up and down one hundred times until they were totally exhausted and fell to the ground. Sometimes, they would isolate practitioners in a corner and beat them, kick them, and pinch their thigh nerves and their nipples. They also put them in kilns to bake them. Once a young criminal (not a Falun Gong practitioner) was put in the kiln and fainted within minutes. After more than one month of cruel torture, Li Xinze was very much worn down mentally and physically, and signed a "Guarantee and Transformation" statement. Twenty days later, Li Xinze realized what he had done and wrote a declaration expressing his wish to firmly practice Dafa. On the same evening, policeman Yang Xiaolong once again tortured Li Xinze until after 2 a.m.

After Li Xinze was tortured to death, the authorities made up lies to block the news and had psychologist write a false report in order to deceive Li Xinze's family and to vilify Dafa. The Youxian District Test Laboratory also falsified its report to conceal the truth of Li Xinze's persecution in an attempt to escape responsibility.

People who were directly responsible for persecuting Li Xinze to death:

Zhao Zeyong, Yu Xincai, Team leader Zhu, Deng Gang, He Xueling, Qing Guoquan, Ren Qin Daji, Yang Xiaolong, and the Youxian District prosecutor.

People who participated in persecuting Dafa practitioners:

Dong Haibo, Fu Weidong, Zhao Yu, Li Changgeng, Huang Xu, Zhang Zhongwei, Zhang Xiaogang, Team leader Liu, Team leader Huang, Team leader Tan.

Deng Gang's crimes in the torture of Dafa practitioners include electric shock, beating, force feeding, ordering of others to beat up and physically abuse practitioners, and sleep deprivation. He falsified reports and embezzled a total of about 2000 Yuan from the fund pooled by people in the labour camp in the 2002 Chinese New Year for purchasing washing powder. He also accepted bribes and extended Dafa practitioners' sentences.

We hope that Dafa practitioners can send truth-clarifying material, especially information about the lawsuit against Jiang, to the following people or departments in Xinhua Labor camp:

Address of Xinhua Labor Camp
P.O. Box 103, Mianyang City, Sichuan province, Postcode 621000

Administrative Department: Yu Xincai

Educational Department: Leader Wang

3rd team of the 6th unit: Deng Gang, He Xueling, Li Changkun, Zhang Zhongwei, Huang Xu, Zhang Xiaogang, Fan Fusheng, Yang Xiaolong.
2nd team of the 6th unit: Dong Haibo, Fu Weidong.
Middle team of the 6th unit: Yang Haiyi, Wang Jingsong, Educator Li and leader Liu.
6th unit: team leader Zhu, team leader Huang

5th unit: team leader Wu

5th team of the 4th unit: Zhao Yu
2nd team of the 4th unit: Educator Fan and Peng.
1st, 3rd and 4th team of the 4th unit

Security Team: team leader Tan, leader Pan, leader Mao.

Doctors: Wang (Dean), Xiang Yang, Chen Youping, Wang Lirong, Hou, Yu, Luo, Yang, and Zhang.

(Please refer to http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2003/7/10/37947.html for a previous report about Li Xinze's death.)