(Clearwisdom.net) Some newspapers in Beijing reported that July 28 was the hottest day recorded in Beijing in the summer of this year. The temperature in the area of the Siyuan Bridge on the 4th Loop East even reached an incredible 41.6?C [about 107 0F]. Meteorologists said that the temperature on July 28 has established the highest record of the summer. The index of the Ultraviolet level has already reached the fifth level. Medical experts said that if these high temperatures continue for more than two or three days, the phenomenon of mass heat-stroke may occur.

Temperatures have reached record-breaking highs in July for the last five years in a row in Beijing. According to the meteorological reports in China, the high temperature in Beijing on July 24, 1999 reached 42.2?C, which is the highest temperature ever recorded in Beijing since 1949. This high temperature has also been the second highest temperature value for all of the summers in the last one hundred years.

For the last five years, starting from the year 1999, the month of July of each year has observed the highest temperatures.

(From www.pureinsight.org)