For a long period of time in the past, I encountered many practitioners who were confused and walking on the wrong path. They had stood up under pressure and walked ahead of others fearlessly, but because of unresolved attachments and misunderstanding about Dafa, they betrayed the solemn vows they once made and got lost after suffering hardships. We did our best to help them recover their righteous faith and thought. Human hearts were transformed again by the power of the Fa.

Ordered by her persecutor, an elderly woman had been copying articles filled with dreadful words about our Teacher. After a few days of doing this, her nose and mouth started to rot and she looked awful. We figured out ways to get in touch with her. After she learned the facts about Dafa, her face healed, and within a month, her original gray hair started to turn black. The power of Dafa removed the obstacles within her heart.

A young woman in the correction center believed those terrible lies that were being forced into her head. As a result, she was covered with scabies and was tormented by this condition. She came to me after she had been released from the correction center. From the standpoint of the Fa, I corrected her wrong thinking. That very night, the infections became soft and were no longer itchy or painful; she slept soundly for the first time in many months. Three days later, she told a friend: "Look at me, so healthy and with good complexion now! Before on this same diet, I was thin and pale."

One elderly, devoted Party member, was "transformed" in a correction center, and became the Party's political tool. She kept praising her persecutors even when she could not take one calm breath because of severe coughing. After the Fa corrected her wrong thinking, her incurable illness disappeared overnight, even without the handful of medicine she used to take daily.

Of course, there are many other examples. It's not an easy matter to assist a perplexed and fallen practitioner to be rational and clearheaded again. Yet, each time when I witnessed the natural smile reappear on a face that was like a mask marked with selfishness and ego and the vigorous life energy refill a body that was numb and empty, I knew all my efforts had not been wasted.

Presently, more and more Dafa practitioners are assisting their fellow practitioners who were confused and lost. They no longer fear or condemn these lost souls; instead they go to them with sincere words, reasoning and patience, to renew their distorted minds. Although some Dafa practitioners are shy, yet their compassion towards these confused practitioners is just the same; they bring with them articles from the Minghui website. Many confused practitioners get headaches when they read these articles, yet those with a stronger main consciousness, who endure the headache and finish reading the articles, immediately become clearheaded and are able to return to the Fa-rectification path.