Due to Corruption, the Former Director of Education Bureau of Weicheng District, Weifang City, Shandong Province Is Being "Double Regulated"

Chen Baoyu, the former director of the Weicheng Education Bureau, Weicheng District, Weifang City, Shandong Province, had been actively following the Jiang regime's orders in persecuting Dafa disciples. He is now being "Double Regulated" because of questionable financial activities. He gave direct orders to torture Dafa disciples Zhou Chunmei and her daughter Sun Xiaobai to death. An old saying says "Good deeds will be rewarded with good, while evil doings will meet due retribution."

[Note: "Double Regulation" means within an appointed time and place, one reports one's questionable deeds to the Party's regulatory body. It is a measure for disciplinary investigation and is an unofficial judicial process within the Party. Being "Double Regulated" means one's political life is finished. A large number of officers who are "Double Regulated" are declared guilty later.]

A Person from Hubei Province Who Monitors Dafa Disciples Dies from Serious Illness

Chen Xinming was assigned by the village committee of Houhu village to monitor Dafa disciples' activities. He had been reporting Dafa disciples' activities persistently. He was found to have colon cancer in 2001. He could not eat and had to depend on the intravenous feeding for the two years since. Some Dafa disciples clarified the truth about Dafa to him out of compassion but he could not accept the truth. He passed away on May 2003.