(Clearwisdom.net August 1st)

Master said in "Explaining the Fa at the 2003 Washington DC Fa Conference,"

"Between July 20 of 1999 and July 20 of this year, four full years have gone by. This persecution has continued for four years, and in these four years Dafa disciples have endured unprecedented trials."

"This persecution against the masses is different from the persecutions of the past. The purpose of their persecution and the methods they've used are so base, cruel, and violent, and in society they do their utmost to cover it up. The rotten ghosts and scoundrels of this world utilized the regime's power to orchestrate an unprecedented persecution that is the most despicable and base, the most indicative of their evil nature, and disguised by the worst indecency and shamelessness, and it's all based on lies."

"In this persecution, so many of the world's people have been poisoned, and for so many sentient beings, because of the world's people being poisoned, the colossal cosmic bodies that are connected to them have disintegrated. Why did Fa-rectification have to be done? To save the cosmos's sentient beings. In saving all sentient beings in the cosmos, bad beings are turned into good ones, sinful beings are freed of their sins, and those warped beings, after reconfiguration, become good ones again. Dafa brings humankind something this wonderful, it brings the cosmos's sentient beings something this wonderful. But during this persecution many beings have indeed lost their chances to be saved and have been denied salvation."

(Draft translation version on 7/30/2003)

How can we tell people about the truth so they can awaken from the dangerous state of being deceived and misled by lies? Many Dafa practitioners are seriously pondering this issue.

Inspired by Changchun Dafa practitioners' magnificent feat of clarifying the truth on a large scale through a cable TV channel, we have been looking for a safer and more reliable way to clarify the truth on TV, covering a large area. Through continuous efforts, recently we successfully broadcast Dafa truth clarification videos in a city. We aired videotapes including Witness and Falun Dafa Around the World. Hundreds of thousands of people were able to watch nearly an hour of truth clarification programs. The evil was extremely shocked.

Our broadcast site is located in a suburban area in Southern China, where almost every home owns a TV set, but most of them receive TV signals through antennas. We used a high-power transmitter to cover the city's TV station at a time when a popular program was being aired. All Dafa practitioners who participated in this action constantly sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate elements in other dimensions that hindered Dafa practitioners' truth clarification. Because we made thorough arrangements beforehand and we used a timer to automatically start the transmission, all of the practitioners safely withdrew from the transmitting location. At the same time, we used effective methods to prevent our facilities from being detected, so the police never found our transmitter.

We think there is great potential in clarifying the truth in China using TV and radio. If we can do this throughout China, the outcome of truth clarification would be terrific.

We have already designed and produced a large quantity of TV transmitters and FM broadcasting transmitters. They have internal timers and a large emissive power.

For the sake of security, we didn't publish the details at an earlier time. As Fa-rectification progresses, the evil elements controlling people from other dimensions are being eliminated in great quantities, and we think now is the right time. With righteous faith, wisdom and the courage we obtained from Dafa cultivation, in addition to thorough arrangements, we can counteract the evil and they can do little to stop us. Another advantage of our equipment is that people can learn to operate it within a short time, without having to learn too much technical knowledge. Practitioners who need the transmitters and the details of its operation can contact us through the Minghui website.