I am a policeman. In the past the propaganda pictures I saw, on television and in the newspapers, of the "self-immolation" and "murder," influenced me greatly. I mistakenly grew to hate "Falun Gong." After my supervisor sent me to watch over Falun Gong practitioners, I completely changed my mind and attitude. Falun Gong practitioners are all good people.

At first, when I watched over them, many of them held hunger strikes to protest the unreasonable detention imposed on them. They refused to answer questions when they were interrogated in court, and they refused to write the so-called "three statements." All they talked about was how good Falun Gong was, how much they had benefited since they started practicing Falun Gong, and how they were all good people, so they shouldn't be treated unfairly. Although I didn't beat them at the time, I often bullied them by saying, "You are hopelessly stubborn. It just suits you perfectly if you are beaten to death."

One time, they all had been without food for almost three weeks (they had all been detained three or four times, and had served forced labor terms before). Even though their bodies were extremely weak and feeble, they still told me good things about practicing Falun Gong. Whenever they were able, they told me about "Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance," as well as stories about "good and bad being rewarded accordingly." Even though they were very weak, appearing to be just skin and bones, they used all of their will to communicate with me. Suddenly I understood their intention. A sense of respect emerged from my heart. I could no longer hate them. What they do is for our good. They are all good people. They guard Falun Dafa with their lives. They are so determined and unyielding. Don't they deserve to be respected? Falun Gong now plays a new role in my mind. Falun Gong is simply great and their Teacher is simply great. He is able to teach and inspire so many disciples who are not afraid of life and death. They simply want to become good people. I took a cup of water to them and said, "Drink it. You have been suffering so much. Please drink some water!" I said in my mind, "What you people have done is right. I'm sorry." I tried hard to hold back my emotions.

Later, I became a good friend of theirs. When they studied the Fa and practiced the exercises, I found ways to help them to be able to study and practice. They were all very appreciative, and told me, "You are a good person. You and your family will be rewarded and will certainly have a beautiful, good future." I told myself, "It won't be long before I practice Falun Dafa."