August 22, 2003

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The old forces arranged what it wanted in order to achieve its selfish purpose and self-interests. In validating Dafa, I endured its evil tests: the ransacking of my home, fines, detentions, and forced-labor. I withstood its tests and walked through firmly and unyieldingly. At the end of 2001, I was released from a forced-labor camp and came back home, and I thought that I was very firm and steadfast.

After coming back home, I made the best use of my time to study Master Li's new articles. Through Fa study, I realized that I should start to completely deny the old forces' arrangements. After seeing through the path arranged by the old forces, I began to remove and stop it in my thoughts. I also strengthened my righteous thoughts and resisted the thoughts that I might be arrested. I want to only take the path that is arranged by Master Li. Occasionally some possible outcomes might occur in my mind (such as police coming into my home), but I immediately dissolved it and denied it in my thoughts when I realized it was there. Every day after I finish doing housework, I just do the things that I should do (study the Fa, practice the exercises, clarify the truth and send forth righteous thoughts). The police never came for me again, nor should they. I understand that it is an insult to Dafa if I have such a thought that they will come to look for me. I have gained some new understandings about being steadfast, and at the same time I have been able to help the practitioners around me.

Through constant Fa study, I have realized that we not only need to deny the old forces' arrangements, but also need to eliminate the old forces themselves. I send forth strong righteous thoughts from the bottom of my heart, completely eliminating them at every level and in every dimension, and I let new lives that genuinely safeguard Dafa take over. I believe that when I send forth such righteous thoughts, they are dissolved and are eliminated layer after layer, and new worlds are re-established continuously. I focus all of my body and mind on this thought, and take another firm step forward.