August 15, 2003

( August 15 news) In 1999, Longkou City in Shandong Province was awarded the title of "National Public Security Model City." The officials in the government claimed that no practitioners from this city went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa. The facts are different:

Since 1999, several hundred Dafa practitioners have gone to Beijing to appeal. People from the Longkou government bought the lists of names of those practitioners in Beijing. Policemen from the Tiananmen Police Station charged 2,000 Yuan* for one list, and the governmental authorties from Longkou spent a large amount of money to buy all these name lists.

In 2000, several Dafa practitioners from Fengyi Town in Longkou practiced the exercises at Tiananmen Square. Practitioner Ms. Tian Xiangcui played a tape recorder which she took to Beijing. The Party Secretary from Fengyi, Cao Chengxu, spent 5,000 Yuan to buy Tian's name from a list from Beijing. After they were back in Fengyi, Cao retaliated, and Tian Xiangcui was violently beaten to death. Practitioner Lu Yanna exposed this tragedy on Clearwisdom, and then was regarded as a key person wanted by the Ministry of Public Security for a reward of 60,000 Yuan. Currently the murderer is still at large.

Longkou City spent large amount of money to persecute Dafa practitioners:

In 2001, in order to arrest Dafa practitioner Lu Yanna, Longkou City spent 100,000 Yuan. It took them one month to search for Lu in Pingdu City in Shandong Province.

In 2001, they arrested 19 practitioners at one time, and forcibly sent them for brainwashing in the Provincial "610 Office"** in Wangcun, Zibo City. The cost was 100,000 Yuan.

In 2001, Longkou's Lower Dingjia Town Power Plant officials spent nearly one million Yuan to build a "610 Office" brainwashing center. According to incomplete statistics, until now, nearly 400 Dafa practitioners have been detained and are being brainwashed there. Some practitioners have been illegally imprisoned for more than one year and still have not been released.

Since 1999, they spent thousands of Yuan going to Tiananmen Square, and the National Appeals Bureau bought name lists of practitioners who went to Beijing to appeal.

Since July 20, 1999, Longkou City alone has sentenced hundreds of Dafa practitioners to illegal forced labor terms, mostly for three years.

Quite a lot of Dafa practitioners have become destitute and homeless to avoid the police's harassment and persecution. Many families were broken apart as a result.

In October 2002, policemen from Longkou City arrested several Dafa practitioners for making truth-clarifying materials.

Longkou Municipal Public Security Bureau police officers Wang Jun and Wang Qi brutally persecute local Dafa practitioners.

*500 Yuan is the average monthly income for an urban worker in China.

**An agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.