(Clearwisdom.net) The deep south of the United States is extremely hot in August. On August 22, 2003, five practitioners in the south branch of the "Car Tour to Rescue Charles Li" drove more than five hours to Meridian, Mississippi and Jackson, the capital city of Mississippi, bringing to the local media and people the truth about an American citizen who has been sentenced to three years in prison. The news shocked the media and people.


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Several media outlets in Jackson conduct interviews at the press

Showing photos depicting the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners
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Press conference in front of Meridian City Hall A staff member for the Meridian City Government comes out to have a photo taken with practitioners, and suggests displaying Dafa truth-clarifying materials in a prominent place

Most people in Meridian and Jackson did not know much about Falun Gong or the Jiang regime's brutal persecution of Falun Gong, though practitioners from other cities had once participated in Jackson's celebration parade. Today, after learning about the brutal persecution of the peaceful and non-political Falun Gong in China, and the fact that an American citizen had been sentenced to prison for his belief and his life is in danger every day, the media of these two cities showed great concern.

The news director of the Meridian TV Station WTOK ABC 11 learned that a press conference would be held, and sent a reporter to cover the event. Later, she herself also came in person. The cameramen filmed all scenes, including photo display boards and practitioners' exercises demonstration. In Jackson, reporters from the local ABC and CBS TV Stations and a weekly newspaper came to cover the event. Practitioners emphasized, "We all remember Dr. Martin Luther King. He knew that he could not have a meal at white people's restaurants according to the local law at that time, but he went anyway. Why? He strived for civil rights, human rights and equality for his people. The persecution directed by the Chinese former leader Jiang is completely unacceptable to kind-hearted people, and it is entirely based on lies. Charles risked his life to let more people learn the truth. We should support him and help secure his safe return!"

The practitioners also visited Meridian Star in Meridian and The Clarion-Ledger in Jackson. We informed editors and journalists of the truth about Falun Gong and the situation of Charles Li. Many journalists asked us how the American government and people could help Charles Li, and they expressed that they would publish the related information in the newspaper to let the citizens know. Some journalists signed their names in our signature collection book and had their photo taken with the practitioners to show their support.

What is touching was that when we held the press conference in Meridian, staff from the mayor's office and other City Hall workers came to look at our photo display boards and take Dafa truth-clarifying materials. They said the practice was so wonderful that these materials and magazines should be placed in the most prominent places, so that everybody who came to the City Hall could see them!


On August 25, the south branch of the "Car Tour to Rescue Charles Li" has entered its second week. In the morning, in front of the City Hall of Oklahoma City, the capital of Oklahoma, Falun Gong practitioners held a press conference. Two local practitioners came to participate. Oklahoma City TV Station KWTV CBS 9 sent reporters to conduct an interview. After that, the practitioners visited the mayor's office and delivered Falun Gong truth-clarifying materials. The largest newspaper in Oklahoma City--The Oklahoman could not attend the press conference due to being shorthanded, so we drove to the news agency. A woman journalist who has been working for many years had a conversation with us. After listening to our presentation, she was so surprised to hear that such serious violations of human rights were taking place in China. She made a detailed record and expressed her support for us.

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A TV Station reporter takes pictures of practitioners' exercises Showing photos to the reporter about the brutal persecution
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A local citizen signs to support rescuing Charles Li Reporters have a photo taken with practitioners to support rescuing Charles Li

In the afternoon, we held a press conference in front of the City Hall of Wichita, Kansas. The city's KSN TV Station came to cover the activity and the local newspaper The Wichita Eagle also sent reporters and cameramen. Practitioners first introduced what Falun Gong is, why Falun Gong is being persecuted and the seriousness of the persecution. An elder practitioner used her personal experience to tell the reporters of the tremendous benefits brought to her through the cultivation in Falun Dafa. She used to be plagued by all kinds of illnesses, and no medicine could cure them. After practicing Falun Gong, her health was miraculously restored. Though she is close to 70-year-old, her face is reddish white and she is quite energetic. All this could be proved through her participation in the car tour. Other practitioners also told their stories. The practitioners also told the reporters that a courageous American citizen, Charles Li, is being detained in a Chinese jail, and has been deprived of his freedom. He was to expose Jiang regime's lies, and to let the people learn about the crimes Jiang has committed. What he upholds is just what kind-hearted people cherish. We should immediately help Charles Li return to America, and we should work together to end the persecution, which is intolerable and unacceptable to all kind-hearted people.

The practitioners felt it would have a good effect when several practitioners clarified the truth together to reporters. We can talk from different perspectives, and we can also complement each other. Finally, the reporters had a photo taken with the practitioners, and expressed their support for the rescue of Charles Li.