(Clearwisdom.net) The Fa-rectification process is making higher and higher requirements on us. The comprehensive, in-depth global truth-clarifying work requires us to reach a state of global cooperation. Ideally, our cultivation state should lead us in these tasks, but because our current cultivation state as a whole is not good enough, sometimes we find ourselves in a state of fatigue and being overwhelmed. We are preoccupied with routine time schedules and agendas. Some are overwhelmed by xinxing conflicts. Problems Master has pointed out all along are still re-surfacing again and again, having a negative impact. Because we have not yet reached a state in which we are able to proactively cooperate with one another on a global scale, our truth-clarification work is likely to revert to our earlier xinxing level and reduce our work to a smaller scope.

Fa-study is the only guarantee for us to cultivate to a state of purity and to keep up with the Fa-rectification process. Studying the Fa everyday is also the fundamental base from which we are able to carry out Fa-rectification work with righteous thoughts. Once we understand the principles of the Fa and are able to make adjustments for ourselves at all times and to improve our xinxing, the conflicts we have with others will dissolve in no time. This does not require any intentional resolution.

Master has told us many things in his recent series of Fa-lectures. As long as we attentively study Master's Fa-lectures, we will be very clear, and what we should do and how to go about it will be unmistakable. What we need to do is to follow what Master told us.

One practitioner said in sharing his experiences that in the past, he did not know how to clarify the truth to everyday people, and now he was doing it really well. He said when he read Master's Fa-lectures and followed what Master said, then everything would be fine. Some others said that after putting more effort into studying Master's recent Fa-lectures and following what Master said, in practice they had achieved new understanding about cultivation and detected many human notions in themselves yet to be relinquished. For example, they used "sentiment" instead of "compassion" in clarifying the truth to people. This was something they were not aware of earlier. If we all study the Fa in such an attentive manner, the cultivation state of each one of us will be much better and our truth-clarification and cooperation work will "naturally" become a lot easier.

We have made a suggestion to our local practitioners that we make time to read through, over and over, all the lectures from "Fa-Lecture During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference" to "Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Washington DC Fa Conference." We encourage everyone to read all of Master's new articles beginning with "The Knowing Heart" several times.