August 17, 2003


Recently, we set up a practice site on both sides of a street in Toronto. The effect of promoting Dafa is very good there. Every day, many pedestrians pass by. In the beginning, once in a while people asked us about Falun Gong and took materials. Now new practitioners keep coming to learn Falun Gong. There are constantly people who see us peacefully practicing Falun Gong exercises, and eagerly ask if there are similar practice sites around their homes. They also ask for flyers with practice site listings and contact information.

I suggest that if feasible, practitioners should go outdoors to practice. There is no need for many people to practice at one site. Two to three people can bring a small banner and practice on the grass or in a park near their homes. Just like in China before July 20, 1999, when you could see practice sites everywhere; people could find our practice sites very easily.

A new practitioner suggested that we publish our practice sites in local Chinese-language newspapers or in weekend movie flyers.

The above is just my personal understanding. Please correct me if there's anything inappropriate.