Aug 23, 2003

Meridian, Miss.
Aisha Greer

A small group gathered for a big cause at Meridian City Hall Friday.

Supporters of "Falun Gong", a traditional Chinese self-cultivation practice to improve mind and body, say they are traveling the nation to draw attention to others who are being tortured and killed because of their practice of Falun Gong.

The group is also trying to raise awareness about the detainment of American citizen and Falun Gong follower, Dr. Charles Lee, in China.

"About one million (Editor''s correction: one hundred million) people practice this exercise, but they have been persecuted and many have died in police custody," said Jason Wang.

Dr. Lee has been detained in China since January 22, 2003. Wang says the Chinese leader opposes Falun Gong, because it opposes independent thought or any ideas outside communist teaching.