(Clearwisdom.net) The Saskatoon Folk Festival is one of the largest annual events of the city. More than one hundred thousand people were attracted to the activities from Aug. 14 to Aug. 16. We set up a Falun Dafa booth in the Philippines Hall. More than thirty thousand people came to watch our exercise demo and ask for truth-clarification materials. A lot of Chinese came to get truth-clarification VCDs. We gave out almost one thousand balloons saying "Falun Dafa Is Great" to children. "Falun Dafa Is Great" could be seen in every exhibit hall.

Many local people wanted to learn the exercises. One of them said, "I admire your peaceful protest the most!" Another one said, "I heard that you have been doing 24-hour sit-ins in front of the Chinese Embassy for a few years. I think Falun Gong is the only group in the world that can do it!" Another one said, "When I saw your booth and your information in the Philippines Hall, I knew the persecution in China is real."

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