Recently our local Fa-rectification activities have met with setbacks. First, the legal case seemed like it was going to be stopped, then the Chinese Consulate looked to be very rampant, and the truth-clarification surrounding the lawsuit against Jiang also met with interference. How should we understand all of this from the perspective of the Fa?

Master mentioned in his Fa-lecture,

"When the Fa-rectification returns to the human world, all the cosmic elements and beings in the cosmoses up above will have all been fully taken care of. They happen in parallel, and they're finished at the same time. When the Fa-rectification is completed up there, our Three Realms are broken through here" (Fa-Lecture During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference)

Then for all the problems that we meet with in our Fa-rectification cultivation, are they the same as above? If we upgrade our xinxing [moral character] and study the Fa and genuinely cultivate ourselves, our rationality, wisdom and abilities will also break through quickly in the other dimensions. In the three realms that layers and layers of cosmos have been squeezed into, we are also making breakthroughs. When the obstacles in the other dimensions are eliminated, the way this is exhibited in this dimension is that all the problems are solved.

Master also said,

"So sometimes they burrow into a person's surface, and on the surface it looks like that person, and in the microcosm it's still that person, but another being has stuck itself in the middle" (Fa-Lecture During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference)

So in the Fa-rectification, no matter whom and no matter what we come across, and whatever people say to us, none of it can be accidental. There must be the implication of cultivation inside. Since the part of us that has been cultivated is completely blocked, no matter how many years we have been cultivating, and no matter how good our cultivated side is, the part that has been left in this dimension must always keep the state of a diligent cultivator. Only when we understand everything from the perspective of the Fa will we break through all the obstacles in the Fa-rectification.

I understand that all the events that have been severely interfered with have a common feature, that is, the main issue in question is our state of cultivation. For example, in the lawsuit, many fellow practitioners presented themselves very vehemently. They wanted to get a specific response out the judge, saying that this part of the lawsuit is to suffocate the evil, this part is to not acknowledge the old forces, and so on. When something bad happened at the consulate, there were also many fellow practitioners who were agitated by this and seemed to get very excited and angry. They wanted to use human methods to react like this or like that. Some of them even felt human anger and said that they just wanted to hold the banners in front of the Consulate all the time, and so on.

When I mention all of these phenomena, my intention is to share with all of you from the perspective of my understanding of the Fa. I think in understanding these kinds of conflicts, most of the time we use our human understanding and human emotions, and we then cover it up with our attachment of doing something for Dafa. Actually, in reflecting upon the lessons we have learned from the several years at the human rights summits in Geneva, problems occur not because we did nothing, they occurred because we did not look inside and rectify our own state of mind with the Fa principles like a genuine cultivator.

My understanding is that if we do not reach the standard in our state of cultivation (even if it is the standard of the gods of the old universe), then for those gods, we have too many attachments, and it is the same as us having "illness." Those gods who came into the three realms and did not know the truth about Fa-rectification, they would take it as an excuse to keep making tribulations and tests for us. Master is so compassionate for not destroying them and continually giving them opportunities. During this period, if we cultivate ourselves well enough, some old-forces will have nothing to say and will not interfere with the Fa-rectification and so will be given more chances to be saved.

My understanding is like this. For Fa-rectification, Master wants to save all sentient beings including the lives of the old forces. Since they are determined to test Fa-rectification disciples, it makes them commit unpardonable crimes in the Fa-rectification, which is the most important thing in the universe, and they have to be eliminated in the Fa-rectification. From another perspective, if we Fa-rectification disciples do well and walk on our righteous path, aren't there fewer excuses for them to use to test Dafa and so not commit so many crimes?

Of course, things cannot be so simple. There are more complicated factors behind it. In facing these high-level beings that are to be eliminated, I think from Master there is only pity, however from us, we have anger and complaint in our hearts. And how could the old forces respect us? How could they have respect for Dafa practitioners and stop persecuting us so as to be saved? We are enlightened beings who cultivate "Truth, Compassion, Forbearance" and we have to be responsible for all the righteous factors in the universe. We should use compassion to dissolve everything. No matter how evil it seems to be, we should not be influenced by it. We should only cherish Master's compassion and do well the three things that Master asks us to do.

In the recent DC conference, Master again clearly told us,

"But as Dafa disciples, you cultivate kindness, so you should be compassionate. Whether they're receptive or not, you should always treat them with compassion, and you can't get competitive with ordinary people or look at sentient beings with human thoughts. Just do whatever you should with compassion, regardless of whether they're receptive or not. Compassion comes from a person's cultivation, and it's not something that's acted out; it comes from deep inside, and it's not something done to show others. It's something that exists eternally, and it doesn't change with the passage of time or changes in circumstances. " ("Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Washington DC Fa Conference")

So in Fa-rectification, whether we can walk on our righteous path and whether we can look at all the problems we encounter with the state of mind of an enlightened being is of vital importance. The current of the Fa-rectification cannot wait forever. To those gods of the old universe who refuse to change themselves, their interference will destroy more sentient beings. We should send forth righteous thoughts more often to eliminate the "old forces' dark helpers." However that can only be achieved with our pure and compassionate righteous thoughts.

The Fa is the most serious matter to those gods. It is the same to us practitioners. Once you miss this chance for Fa-rectification cultivation, you will never get it back. When we use our divine side to direct ourselves, we will constantly enlarge our compassion, we will change the difficulties to ease, and we will then accomplish our vows that we made before history.

The above is only my personal understanding. Please rectify it if there is anything improper.