August 11, 2003


A few years ago, in the Village of Qianshiwu, Sanjing Township, Beiling District of Suihua City, the wife of villager Liu Kuan was suffering from a very serious illness and was unable to manage by herself. Once, their second daughter came to visit them. She brought Zhuan Falun and Teacher Li's videotapes on her visit. She told her mother about how her own body became completely free of illness through studying the Fa and practicing the exercises. The mother, third sister, and the third sister's husband all began practicing one after another. Shortly after, the mother's illnesses were healed without treatment. Everyone thought it was amazing. Liu Kuan is a doctor. When he saw how Dafa benefited his family in this way, he came to especially respect Dafa. Everyone in this family appreciates Dafa and knows that Dafa is good.

However, after July 20, 1999, the second and third daughters went to appeal, but they were both arrested and sent to labor camps. The third daughter's husband was also arrested and was released only after the family spent a lot of money through asking for help from an influential person. Because the daughter of the second daughter had made a righteous statement, she was put into a detention center and still hasn't been released. The third daughter's husband lives by himself, supporting a child who is under ten years old. In order to maintain a source of income he sells vegetable seeds during the summer. Due to the suffering of her family members and pressure from difficult living circumstances, the mother passed away a few days ago. The death of Liu Kuan's wife greatly increased the pain he was already in because of his two daughters being illegally locked up. He and his family have suffered a great deal because of the persecution.