(Clearwisdom.net) Liu Zhihuan is the former president of the Qingdao City No.1 Civil Construction Company, as well as the director of the Department of Engineering on the developing east side of the city. He was well known for being an honest and good official. On August 6 of 2002, his house was ransacked by the Qingdao Police. They kidnapped him and detained him at the Qingdao Dashan Detention Center. Later he was sentenced to prison.

When the news of Liu Zhihuan's arrest reached his friends, they became stirred up and even thought of going as a group to the local police station to demand his release. However, from fear of the power of the authorities, they felt very frustrated for not being able to speak up. The people who learned about this case understood that this was the kind of situation that is based on the wrongful actions of the police and authorities. The police would say, "I can do nothing about it, this is the upper authorities' will."

Wang Mingliang, resident of Longkou, was a former student of the Qingdao Institute of Chemical Technology. After graduating in 2001, he stayed in Qingdao to make truth-clarifying materials. When he used his cell phone to clarify the truth in his residence area, his cell phone was monitored and his residence was located by the Qingdao State Security Police. Later he was kidnapped by policemen and sentenced to 5 years in prison. He is most likely being held in the Weibei prison.

On August 6 of 2002, Wang Tao was arrested by police officer Wang Mingzhe, because his cell phone was tapped and his location was discovered. Afterwards, he was sentenced to prison, and is currently being detained and persecuted in Weibei Prison.

Su Jing, a former police officer of Qingdao City Police Station and Dafa practitioner, was betrayed by Li Guifang. The Qingdao police gave him a seven-year sentence, accusing him of spying on the police department, and sent him to the Shandong Province First Prison in Jinan City.

Liang Chaohui went to Beijing in 1999 to safeguard the Fa. He was sentenced to eight years in Shandong Province First Prison.

Chui Hongjun is a Dafa practitioner of Jiaonan in Qingdao City. She was sentenced to eight years in prison. The policemen wrote on her trial documents that "her term cannot be reduced." She was sent to Jinan Female Prison.

Bian Lixun was kidnapped by the police of the Qingdao Ruichang road local police station for holding an experience-sharing gathering at her house. She was sent to Jinan Female Prison.

Sun Gongxiang, a Jimo City Dafa Practitioner and kindergarten teacher, was reported on by her parents, who did not know about the truth of the persecution, for distributing truth-clarifying materials. She was sentenced to 4 years in prison and sent to Jinan Female Prison.

August 5, 2003