(Clearwisdom.net) One afternoon I copied a truth-clarifying letter by hand in my spare time. For safety concerns, I changed to a different handwriting style. I made three copies at once, using carbon paper.

After I finished, I first showed the letter to three coworkers. After reading the letter one of them said to me, "You are so concerned about not letting anyone recognize your handwriting that you did not copy the letter clearly and neatly. People may not want to read it if the handwriting is not easy to read."

At first I thought it was the pen I used that made the handwriting not easy to read, so I decided to copy it one more time with another pen; but I made a mistake when writing the first word, so I started to copy for the third time. After I was half way through copying, it suddenly became clear to me that the true purpose of copying this letter is to let people learn the truth about Dafa. This is not an ordinary letter! It shows the pure and benevolent heart of a Dafa practitioner. Though I need to pay attention to safety concerns, that should not be an excuse for me not to copy the letter clearly and neatly. If the person who receives the letter could not read it easily, the letter would not accomplish what it was supposed to.

Everything we Dafa practitioners do should show people our high moral standards. Thus I copied the letter for the fourth time, clearly and neatly. My coworker told me after he saw it, "This is what you should have done."

August 11, 2003