When I was producing Dafa truth-clarification VCDs at night, I once again came upon three VCDs that had been recorded many times, although unsuccessfully. I decided to try once more, and had a feeling that this time I would succeed! I took out one of them and started the production. I found that one VCD that had displayed errors many times worked normally like all the other normal VCDs; moreover, the whole process did not even take longer than other VCDs had! I was a bit excited and thought: "I can write an article about it." Then I inserted the second VCD, but the outcome was not very good. It emitted a weak sound. I realized my mind was not right: I had the attachment of zealotry. So I adjusted my thought, ejected the VCD, and thought: "They have all gone to save sentient beings, you can't fall behind." Then I inserted the VCD again, and this time it was normal: it copied like other VCDs!

Then I put the last VCD in the CD-writer and started copying. It displayed: "This VCD is unwritable, please try again." At that time, I suddenly remembered that I had once tried to write on this VCD but it could not move after it got to 4%. After I waited for more than ten minutes, I stopped the operation. But I really did not wish to waste it!

In these situations, I can always get a hint from Teacher. I suddenly thought about putting it into a VCD player, and viewing what had been written on it. When I turned on the VCD player, it read: "record of the big trial". As the recording continued, it became evident that the disc had been recorded! Yes, it was an already created disc, for sure! I did not know how it happened, because I had not completely written on it; the time I had completed was only up to 4%. But it was working, and the images were extremely good! I once again witnessed the power of Dafa.

By noon, two of the three VCDs had already gone to fulfil their missions of saving sentient beings, and the third one is in my bag and ready to leave.