Recently the Chinese Ministry of Public Security has issued several internal documents on the issue of the lawsuits against Jiang in many foreign countries. In order to cover up the truth about the lawsuits, they adopted the term, "unreal lawsuit," to refer to them. The internal documents require that "strict precautions be taken to prevent dedicated Falun Gong practitioners from providing evidence in support of the 'unreal lawsuits.'" Since the lawsuits are regarded as "unreal," how could there be any evidence for "unreal lawsuits?" Why are strict precautions needed for "unreal lawsuits?"

It is estimated that before long every policeman who is involved in the persecution of Falun Gong will know about the overseas lawsuits against Jiang. In fact, the police already more or less know that Jiang has been sued abroad for persecuting Falun Gong. Those policemen with a sense of justice are happy to hear about this news; the hired thugs that torture Falun Gong practitioners cannot help exhibiting their fears, although they deny the fact on the surface.

The facts about the lawsuits against Jiang have gradually started to filter down from the internal channels to civilians. The incident of the second Sinoset signal interception has also become a topic of conversation for the people. Those who can think independently are asking about what was actually broadcasted. It is still not known what comments people are making about the lawsuits against Jiang, but two points are obvious: 1) the people are full of grievances and complaints nowadays; 2) nobody is hated so much all over the country like Jiang.

Banners Revealing the Facts about the Overseas Lawsuits against Jiang Have Created a Great Stir in Shuangjiang Town, Tongnan County, Chongqing City

On August 12, over 100 truth-clarifying banners were hung on the side of the road to Shuangjiang Town, Tongnan County, Chongqing City, revealing that Jiang has been sued overseas for persecuting Falun Gong. The banners spanned over 20-30 kilometers of the road. The longest banner was 4-5 meters long. This incident created a great impact in the community. After seeing the banners, many folks said that they knew persecution of Falun Gong was illegal, and the persons responsible would be sued.