At 9 p.m. on June 25, 2003, the police arrived to illegally seize Dafa practitioner Mr. Lu Dawei, along with four other practitioners from the Lingyuan Area of Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province. Police shot Mr. Lu Dawei twice as he tried to avoid their unlawful seizure, which he knew would result inevitably in torture at their hands.

After being shot, he was chased up a hill and seized as he tried to evade his captors. Once in the hands of the police, Dawei was beaten so severely that his whole body was covered with bruises, with his shirt stripped off and many open cuts and bloody wounds clearly visible. His pants were torn open with his underwear exposed. It took a group of police to carry him into the police car.

Lu Dawei was sent to the National Security Team in Chaoyang County, where he was further brutally tortured. He didn't give up in practicing Dafa, so the police sent him to the Chaoyang County Detention Center. Dawei started a hunger strike at the moment of his arrest to protest persecution. In the detention center, the authorities battered him, shocked him with electric batons, stripped him down to underwear, tied him up and force-fed him (sometimes he was force-fed with salt or ice water, among other things). Dawei was beaten so many times that wounds were opened upon older wounds, but each time when he was tortured or force-fed he would respond with shouting, "Falun Dafa is good!" Up to August 8, Dawei has been on hunger strike for 45 days, and he is in extremely dangerous physical condition.

Telephone number of Chaoyang County Detention Center: 86-421-2918128

Detention Center Deputy Head, Hao Naifeng (he is the one who battered Dawei): 86-13942139071 (cell phone), 86-421-2831723 (home phone)

August 10, 2003