(Clearwisdom.net) On August 4, a grand parade was held in Municipalidad De Ate in Peru. Institutions, organizations, and schools affiliated with the city hall participated in the celebration. Falun Dafa practitioners have been conducting exercises instructions at the Salamanca City Hall for about three months. As a result, practitioners were invited to join the city's celebratory parade. This was the first time that practitioners as a group and in the name of Falun Dafa have participated in a parade sponsored by a city hall, since Falun Dafa practice sites were established in Peru more than three years ago.

Before the parade set off, an elder lady came to us and asked to join us. She is a Chinese lady born in Peru. She held a banner and walked in front of our procession. Huge crowd of people came to watch the parade. Our procession was accompanied with Dafa music "Pudu" and "Jishi" all along.

While walking, practitioners distributed flyers to spectators on both sides of the street. Practitioners' eye-catching yellow shirts and their peacefulness attracted great attention. People were wondering where such beautiful music came from. They carefully listened to the introduction given by the parade host and vied with each other to ask for the flyers. A gentleman who stood at the roadside greeted to practitioners in Cantonese and then told practitioners in Spanish that he worked in a Chinese restaurant. Although he was not good at speaking in Chinese, our peaceful procession deeply touched his heart. He followed our procession until the parade concluded.

Our procession Officials from the City Hall talking with practitioners An eight-month old baby in her dad's arms joining the parade

The parade ended. An eight-month baby in her father's arms happily smiled, as if she saw or heard something.