At 8 am on July 11th, 2003, people from the party committee and security office of Henan Petroleum Exploration Bureau Drilling Company went to the house of Wang Wanrong (female, 49 years old) and forced her to write down "three pledges" (statements denouncing Dafa), but Wang refused to do so.

The party general secretary, Wang Lingkui, and the "610 Office" head, Qi Gang, tried to force her, but failed. When it was near 11 am, they called to report to the oil field public security bureau, which sent some policemen from the Security Team to Wang Wanrong's house. Wang Wanrong was forcibly dragged to a car by four people and sent to a brainwashing class held by the Nanyang City Cadre School of Politics and Law.

At 8 am the same day, Dafa practitioner Wang Fei (male) in the oil field finance center was abducted by workplace leaders and sent to the same brainwashing class. Mr. Wang called his wife upon knowing that he had been deceived. His wife then knew her husband had been arrested illegally. Another Dafa practitioner, Zhang Yaping in the Oil Field Quality Examination Center, was arrested as well. Her husband has passed away, and her arrest left her teenage daughter unattended. Zhang Yaping was once reported by a supermarket boss, Wang Chao, and arrested before the Spring Festival when she distributed truth-clarifying materials.

So far, six Dafa practitioners--five female and one male--have been taken to the brainwashing class and the details still need further investigation.