Submitted July 20, 2003

(, July 20, 2003) About 70 Dafa practitioners were illegally arrested and held in Weibei Prison. Five of them were detained in the "Incoming Team": Xie Xin, 28, from Qingdao; Sun Jinjun, 29, from Jimo; Li Gang, 33, from Laixi; Xu Qinli, 52, from Tai'an; and another practitioner, whose name is unknown, from Liaxi.

Police of the "Incoming Team" (also called the Fourth Division) tortured Dafa practitioners to force them to abandon their beliefs. Every day, practitioners were given very little drinking water, and they were forced to undergo intensive "training" on concrete pavement under the burning sun at 40 degrees C (102 F). Detained practitioners were divided into two "training" groups (The so-called training is in fact physical punishment). It involves squatting down and standing up repeatedly for long periods of time. The high temperature and lack of adequate water left practitioners dehydrated and extremely thirsty. Xu Qinli drank some tap water and was beaten by the police for it. Practitioners were also forced to perform excessive manual labor.

Practitioner Xie Xin was moved to Weibei Prison on July 2, 2003, and began to serve a 5-year sentence. Police repeatedly beat him. His head was cut and swelled terribly. He also received a severe sunburn. The evil police also sent former practitioners (who abandoned Dafa under force) to harass and try to brainwash him. Xie Xin refused to renounce his belief; therefore, he was transferred to the Main Division (Seventh Division) for further persecution.

The police also refused practitioners' rights to write letters, make phone calls and receive family visits. The authorities have used various means to persecute practitioners over the past several years. First, practitioners were forced to watch and read "remorse" materials by former practitioners, who abandoned Dafa, as part of a brainwashing regimen. If this failed, the guards would threaten them with intensified persecution, including extending their sentences, denying family visits, solitary confinement and violence. Following that came further physical torture. If practitioners protested by hunger strike, the police would lock them up and use an electric baton to torture them and try to force them to give up the hunger strike.

After repeated electric shocks, a practitioner in Division Six suffered severe wounds on his feet. This practitioner became disoriented and suffered mental collapse from the torture, yet he remains in prison. In 2002, Qingdao Dafa practitioner Li Zhenwen went on a hunger strike for six and a half months. He was force fed with a thick solution consisting mainly of salt with little water. He developed a deteriorating heart condition and was in critical condition. After his case was publicized, the evil police became fearful that he might die in custody, so they dumped him at his relative's house. Currently, Li Zhenwen is recovering.

Phone Numbers of Weibei Prison.

Weibei Forced Labor Camp, Division Four: 86-536-7541254

Weibei Forced Labor Camp, Division Four: 86-536-7548242

Education Section Chief: Xu, Badge number: 3720020

Deputy Chief: Sun, Badge number: 3720222

Party Secretary, Wang, Badge number: 3720046

Prison manager, Wang Junwu

Collaborators: [former Falun Gong practitioners who have gone astray due to brainwashing and torture.]

Yang Yujun, 41, from Laizhou

Gao Wei, 41, from Zibo