(Clearwisdom.net) Today (August 9, 2003) was the third weekend that Xinzhu practitioners showed video programs outdoors to local people to clarify the truth about Falun Dafa. Inspired by the commemoration activity entitled, "Respect life, Stop the persecution" held on July 20th in Da'an Forest Park in Taipei, practitioners decided to hold an outdoor video screening every weekend.

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á"Come on, come and watch"

On the first weekend's video screening, as we did not have experience, our preparation met with a lot of difficulties. We set up a stand to put a projector, and took great effort to set up a cloth screen, but it was blown down by a gust of wind. Only with a kind-hearted person's help, the screen finally stood still. The moment prior to the screening, with many children sitting in front of the screen waiting, we found that the power line was not long enough. Without power, no programs could be shown. Just before we wanted to give up, some practitioners reminded us that we could not give up; we came to offer salvation to people, and we came to let people learn about the truth. So we continued our efforts, and the video programs were eventually shown after two and a half hours' preparation.

When we finished the video screening and were ready to leave, it rained heavily, but we were very pleased. We truly felt that people are anxiously waiting to learn the truth, and we also realized that we should create more opportunities for them to do so, and that we should continue our video screening. During the video screening, many people passing by saw the wide spread of Falun Dafa around the world and irrational persecution in China. Their conscience was awakened, and people were also given an opportunity to find and join the practice of Falun Dafa.

The second weekend (August 2), in addition to the video screening, practitioners also held a group practice. Though there was a concert of a famous band nearby, the roaring popular music was covered by the peaceful exercise music. Many passersby stopped and watched practitioners' group exercise and some people watched the films.

A child was attracted by a children's film; he seemed to say, "How I want to be among those happy children in the film." When his mother called him, he was reluctant to leave.

After three consecutive weekends, we found that many people came to watch films with their entire family. Many stall owners nearby stopped their work and watched the films from beginning to end. Some mothers carrying their babies also came to watch and left only after the films were over. People are awakening to the truth.