As of today, many cases of rape involving female Dafa practitioners have taken place in China. As a matter of fact, many male practitioners have also encountered sexual assaults. Why do the police dare to commit such shameless crimes so brazenly and why is there no basic human nature left in them? For a period of time, I couldn't find a clear answer to this question. What is the root cause of such corrosive developments? Who has unleashed the beast in the police?

After talking to a friend who used to work for the government, I finally came to understand the reason. He told me he knew the moment Jiang stepped on the stage in 1989, from his "performance" during the June 4th suppression of the Students' Pro-democracy Movement that he was a formidable evil character to reckon with. However, he was still horrified and flabbergasted to see the side of Jiang emerge that was even more devoid of human nature. That was shortly after Jiang came to power. During an interview, a French journalist asked Jiang, "We heard that a female university student who was jailed in Sichuan Province for her involvement in the June 4th Student Movement was raped by local farmers. Is it true?" Jiang blurted out angrily, "She got what she deserved!"

My friend said, "Anyone who still has any human nature left would not say such words. However, it came directly from the mouth of the third-generation Communist leader [of China]. He has no qualms about trampling on human morals publicly. Jiang's idea of punishment befitting the crime is many times more vicious than the 'whoever goes along with me flourishes, and whoever goes against me perishes.' Not only does he destroy whoever goes against him, he also makes the victim suffer untold humiliation. That was how he dealt with the students in the June 4th movement. As for the Falun Gong practitioners, they have no political agenda and only ask for an environment to practice their belief. For them, the onslaught was even worse. The suppression of Falun Gong in the past 4 years has proven that Jiang possesses all the evil elements known to man. Across the country, the resentment towards Jiang can be heard everywhere. People cannot be so easily deceived."

Why did Jiang give the French journalist that shocking answer without any reservation? Because what he said was simply the reflection of his true state of mind. The moment he came to power he began to corrupt the nation's morals, rape the will of the Chinese people, and all the people who hold different opinions. What the police do for Jiang is simply to rape the flesh bodies of those who do not follow his wishes. He would of course back them up. Had Jiang not given orders to ruthlessly persecute Falun Gong, the police wouldn't be so fearless. Its as if the real rapist is none other than Jiang himself.

My friend said despondently, "The Chinese legal system is in such a sorry state. It is used by the leader of the country to commit crimes. It is so depressing to live in China. Your spirit is being raped. Though outwardly human, Jiang does everything inhumanely. He turns right and wrong, and good and bad upside down. He substitutes the standard of animals for humans. What will become of the Chinese people if things continue on like this?"

I told him not to be so pessimistic. Jiang is being condemned all over the world. In many countries, lawsuits have been brought against him. The International Court will also put him on trial on charges of genocide and crimes against humanity, just as for the Nazis. In China, the movement against Jiang is gathering momentum.

His eyes started to lighten up as he listened, and said to me, "This is all because of you practitioners risking your lives." I said, "This depends on all the Chinese people and all kindhearted people around the world. Of course, we Dafa practitioners will spare no effort to bring him to justice."