I met the editor of a newspaper on a train journey. He liked to argue. Every debate he started always ended with victory on his side. Long-term service in a state-owned propaganda organization meant that he was stubbornly and blindly filled with bureaucratic and political inclinations. When the matter of Falun Gong was brought up, he arrogantly stated that the issue could be resolved through perfect political tactics and manipulation.

His skilful and refined speech won over everybody in the carriage but did not convince me. Therefore, one lunchtime he said to me rudely: "Hey girly, you will regret it, you know. I am sure that you will face defeat. What does Falun Gong count for? Just one politician could make it vanish completely." Yet when my reply caused his face to turn pale all of a sudden; no one spoke for a long time.

He admitted defeat. His hot and stubborn head finally bowed in the face of the perfect and just principles of Falun Dafa. I later received a letter from him: "Young lady, I often pondered what kind of a person you are. Really, you are just a simple youth like my own daughter; the darkness and injustice in this world is far beyond your imagination. But the more I thought about my defeat in that debate the more I felt that there was something that had surpassed me. You are very bright, have read a lot, and understand many things. Yet the shock you brought me was not any of these. Today a journalist brought an article to me, but I did not let him use it. It was that type of article, you know. [Note: an article slandering Falun Gong] This article was only a small thing. I am just thinking, if one day when an order should come down, would I still be able to resist it like this time? You are strong, but I do not know if the present environment is a blessing for you. Do take care of yourself."

At that moment my heart felt happy. I could see a beam of sunlight brightening up someone who had become used to living in the dark.