1. Rescuing Charles Li is a Process of Clarifying the Truth and Saving Sentient Beings Comprehensively

Because Charles Li is an American citizen, exposing his detention and sentence and the physical and mental torture he suffers at the hands of the corrupt authorities in China, can bring sympathy and support from the general public, government officials and congressmen, and prove very effective in clarifying the truth.

Charles Li's story is more likely to raise people's and media's awareness. America is a free, democratic country and a country that stresses the importance of human rights. Voices from the media and citizens influence the government's actions. Jiang's regime set a trap to arrest Charles Li and subsequently gave him a ridiculous sentence based on inadequate basic legal grounds, although officials from the American Consulate General in Shanghai were present when the trial was in session. The 95-page manuscript that Charles Li wrote in a Nanjing jail arrived in the US only after he held hunger strikes and experienced severe torture. All this has created ideal conditions for comprehensively clarifying the truth to the world's people.

2. Clarifying the Truth in a Comprehensive Manner Establishes Dafa Practitioners' Righteous Faith in the Human World

Falun Dafa Practitioners' clarifying the truth to the precious Chinese people through the high risk means of TV broadcasting is a magnificent act, worthy of respect from the world's people. The criminals are none other than the Jiang's regime. In a dictatorial society, lacking democracy, religious freedom, and the security of basic human rights, under severe persecution and risking their lives to protect their most fundamental right to life, Falun Gong practitioners used TV media to explain the facts of the persecution to the public in order to stop the persecution and to stop the brutal murders. This act protects all human beings' right to life, secures humanity and goodness, and is a great contribution to the advancement of human civilization, worthy of respect throughout the world.

Jiang's regime has used the pretense of law to deceive people. The foundation of law is equality and fairness, meant to protect goodness and punish evil. Jiang's regime has persecuted honorable citizens, innocent Falun Gong practitioners. This is a violation of the law, so really Jiang's regime should be on trial and punished, not Falun Gong practitioners who used TV to explain the true facts of the persecution.

In terms of the illegal sentence imposed on Charles Li, some American government officials have expressed concern about interfering with the Chinese judicial system, and have taken a passive and powerless attitude toward Charles Li's arrest and illegal sentence. This is the effect the evil had hoped for, and it is the focal point of our truth-clarification efforts. Clarifying the truth well, in a systematic, comprehensive and in-depth manner, is the key to exposing the evil lies and rescuing Charles Li.

3. Charles Li's Detention Offers a Precious Opportunity for the US Government to Support Falun Gong Practitioners

The US government has had considerable knowledge and understanding of the illegal arrest and sentence, force-feeding and other brutal torture experienced by American citizen Charles Li. They have expressed their serious concern for the treatment of Charles Li through various means of official objection. Further action depends on our explaining the facts of Falun Gong and the persecution imposed on Charles Li to different levels of the US government in an in-depth, detailed and comprehensive manner. Clarifying the truth to rescue Charles Li will have a profound effect if we are able to inspire the US government to understand and support Dafa even further while handling Charles Li's case well. It will also have a positive effect on the lawsuit against Jiang. It is that important!

4. Rescuing Charles Li is a Good Opportunity for Dafa Practitioners' Forming One Whole Body

In the course of understanding Charles Li's case, beginning with whether or not he should have returned China in the first place, to explaining the true facts of this incident, we have all had different understandings. As our understanding of Teacher's Fa deepened, and as we kept putting it into practice and improving ourselves while we clarified the truth, the situation for rescuing Charles Li has already started to change. The road for clarifying the truth is not an easy one, but any Dafa related issue can be considered a precious cultivation process. When we have different opinions, we treat each other with kindness and tolerance. We look at problems with Dafa practitioners' righteous thoughts and eliminate various notions that we have harbored in the human world, forming one whole body--this is what scares the evil most, and this is what makes our clarifying the truth more powerful.

The above is just my personal understanding only for your reference. Please correct me if anything is inappropriate.