The Laishui County Police Department has illegally arrested several Dafa practitioners and tortured them brutally. According to an inside source from the Police Department, which was confirmed by Dafa practitioners, policemen used a series of cruel means to torture Dafa practitioners.

Policemen tied a big iron chain to a roof beam, and then tied the practitioner's hands, hanging the person's body in the air. They left the Dafa practitioners hanging like that for four to five days. The policemen would not allow the practitioners to use the bathroom or to eat. They told the practitioners, "No matter whose name you call out for help, it's not going to work." As a result of this severe torture, Ms. Zhang Fengzhi's lower limbs were paralyzed. Whenever there was an inspection, the policemen dared not to keep the disabled practitioners in this detention center, so they secretly transferred them to another detention center. Practitioners Ms. Lu Guifen, Ms. Fang Yongzhen, and others who were detained in the first detention center were transferred to the second detention center, where they were also severely tortured.

In the second detention center, policemen forced steadfast Dafa practitioners into a room, and made them stand near a wall, holding two bricks between them with their backs. The bricks were not supposed to drop so the practitioners' backs had to be straight. The practitioners also had to hold a basin of water with their heads, hold a poker card between each finger, and they also had to hold a small basin of water with each hand, with each hand kept in a horizontal position. Practitioners had to keep their bodies straight. They were not allowed to move one bit, or spill one drop of water. If they did, they would be brutally beaten.

Zhang Jianhua, a member of the Political Committee in the Laishui County Police Department, was formerly the chief of the Police Department in Yi County, Hebei Province. He was an active pawn of Jiang's regime when he was stationed in Yi County. He was responsible for ransacking houses and for the illegal detention of about a dozen Dafa practitioners who have been serving illegal sentences ranging from seven to fifteen years, including Mr. Cao Xiaogang, Mr. Yan Hequan, Mr. Shi Wenshui, Mr. Zhang Wenhui, Mr. Zhang Dongsheng, Mr. Zhang Changsheng, and so on. Not long ago, he again illegally arrested Dafa practitioner Ms. Zhao Yaping and viciously tortured her. He tied Ms. Zhao to an iron cross, and violently whipped her with bamboo sticks. He also put a high voltage electric baton in her mouth, and shocked her. It was unbearable to see. Ms. Zhao is still in the Baoding Forced Labor Camp, and she can hardly breathe, because she is so weak.

Liu Yaohua, who is the Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee at the Laishui County Police Department is extremely vicious. He has been brutally persecuting Dafa practitioners since 1999. He has personally tortured almost every Dafa practitioner in Laishui County.

Other perpetrators who have persecuted Dafa practitioners are the chief and vice chief of the Political Security Section in the Laishui County Police Department, Liu Jianchuan and Dai Chunjie; chief of the Detention Center of the Laishui County Police Department, Yu Deshen; chief of the Detention Center of the Laishui County Police Department, He Yuxin; and chief of the Laishui County Police Department, Liu Shengli.

These perpetrators are all afraid to answer the phone, because it might be a call from someone overseas who stands for justice. As soon as they learned that their names appeared on the perpetrators' name list on a website, they were very frightened. Hopefully Dafa practitioners who see this article can make phone calls to shock and eliminate the evil.

Phone numbers:

Police Department of Laishui County, Hebei Province: 86-312-4522220

Liu Shengli, chief of the Police Department: 86-312-4523689

Zhang Jianhua, Political Committee of the Police Department: 86-312-4526861

Liu Yaohua, secretary of Disciplinary Committee in the Laishui County Police Department: (cell phone) 86-13603283798

The Public Security Section of the Laishui County Police Department: 86-312-4522219, extension 2027

Liu Jianchuan, chief of the Political Security Section in the Laishui County Police Department: (cell phone) 86-1393-212364