August 8, 2003


While I am walking in a crowd or on the street and when I look at people's faces one after another, I can't help telling them in my mind, "Please bear in your heart the universal principle of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance." Those who can assimilate to this principle still have hope!" In this brutal persecution, in a period of time where all statewide media are involved in the false propaganda to fabricate the facts and to frame up Falun Gong in order to deceive people, I sincerely hope that you can understand what I say.

One time, I met a peddler selling fruits. I gave him a truth-clarification CD and told him about the persecution of Dafa and the fact I was a Falun Gong practitioner. He immediately stood up and held my hands warmly, "Thank you", he said. When I was about to leave, he kept saying, "We'll meet again someday!"

One day, I met a middle-aged woman who asked me for directions. While we were walking together I told her that Dafa could rectify the mind and clarify the body. She told me she practiced Falun Gong before and had also experienced miracles. However, she was so afraid when the persecution started that she stopped practicing it. I told her how Jiang's regime brutally persecutes Falun Gong, how the fellow practitioners assist Master to save the sentient beings out of great compassion, and how Dafa has gained worldwide recognition and is welcomed in all other countries. She said that just a few days ago, she took out Master's picture and felt very close to Him. But she felt pity that she no longer had Zhuan Falun to read. Then on the same day, she called me up and was so happy to tell me that she had found Zhuan Falun.

Three months later, I went to her home. She looked very spiritual and very energetic. She told me that since the day she met me, she read the book every day and was full of energy. The two people in her work unit who used to practice Falun Gong before had also began to study the Fa.

Great benevolent Master, as disciples of yours, what we can understand is just a tiny bit of your boundless and immense heart and your infinite wisdom. You don't consider the karma accrued by sentient beings in history and give all beings, whether they are rich or poor, noble or low, equal opportunities to improve themselves and choose their own destinies. As long as they know that "Falun Dafa is good," and have goodness in their hearts, you would give their lives a wonderful future out of your benevolent compassion.

Those who have been deceived, those who are selfish and those who have treated Dafa and Dafa practitioners unfairly, do you know that you are severely harming yourselves as well as others?

During the more than four years of persecution, there have been many practitioners assist Master in Fa-rectification to save the sentient beings. In spite of heavy pressure from society, family and from all other directions, they take a risk to deliver the truth-clarifying materials to your doors and to you again and again. Because of this persecution, there are so many practitioners who have lost their freedom and are detained. They are forced to stay away from home and cannot enjoy the warmth of their families. Do you know how much pain their families have suffered in losing them? Please take a look at the truth-clarifying materials and think it over. We are not asking for anything from you, we only want more to learn the truth so that they may have a good future.