(Clearwisdom.net) Master told us in "Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Washington DC Fa Conference":

"As a result of the damage they've done, enormous, measureless, and countless beings have been destroyed. The reason is, if those beings weren't destroyed, the Fa-rectification wouldn't be able to press forward, and it wouldn't be able to catch up and seize the final chance before the entire firmament ultimately dissolves. So it's a serious issue."

During the process before Master's Fa-rectification catches up with the last chance of the entire firmament breaking up, it is imperative to clarify the truth and save the people more effectively, more directly, more deeply and on a larger scale. It is about whether huge and countless sentient beings will be destroyed or saved. Especially now, there are fewer chances for beings to position themselves.

In the past four years, we have been largely downloading all kinds of ready-made materials from Dafa websites for clarifying the truth. But this isn't enough. We should also pay attention to the needs of different regions and different people, and better target the local condition to tell people the facts about the persecution's totality, cruelty and the depth and breadth of the mental torture.

I think that [from my perspective as a practitioner in China] the most direct, effective and best way to save people is by distributing the details about the persecution in our own local areas. At the same time, it can directly suffocate and eradicate the evil, create a better environment for saving people and reduce our own losses.

We've had some obstacles and difficulties in exposing the local evil and distributing localized truth-clarifying materials in large quantities. Some practitioners had fears and many worries. After we studied the Fa repeatedly, we understood that we should not just follow a rigid course of action, take things to the extreme, or over-simplify our clarifying the truth. We also discovered the cause of our not being able to clarify the truth in a more flexible way, better suited to the local condition. It is a kind of selfishness, an attachment to saving face, failing to understand the principles of the Fa and not having strong enough faith in Master.

At the same time, we came to understand the purpose and goal of doing such things:

1. The evil is most afraid of being exposed. "Until the evil factors are completely cleaned out you can't let down your guard, and you should still try even harder to completely eliminate the evil factors that persecute the Fa-rectification and Dafa disciples." (Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Midwest-U.S. Fa Conference)

2. We are creating the future, saving people and saving human society. This is our mission, our responsibility and our great wish.

3. The momentum of Fa-rectification is incomparably rapid and powerful. Time does not wait for us. There are countless sentient beings destroyed or saved every second.

4. Exposing the local evil and telling the local facts should have a strong focus. It can awaken the local people's kindness more directly and save more local people in a more effective and deeper way. It can also eradicate the evil more directly and reduce losses to Dafa disciples.

Our experience in broadly clarifying the facts has been very good. The local people are learning the truth, understanding Falun Dafa better and have started to be more understanding toward Dafa disciples. The authorities are talking about our truth clarification material and anxiously reading it. They are really surprised and scared, and don't want to keep committing the evil deeds any longer. Local practitioners now want to distribute more truth-clarifying material about our local situation (and the overall situation). Losses to local practitioners have been reduced significantly.

While cooperating with the overall progress of the Fa-rectification, it is time to effectively save people on a large scale, and to focus on broadly exposing the local evil and clarifying the truth. Let us all improve together.