July 27, 2003


1. Persecution of practitioners in the Harbin Railroad Bureau

On January 15, 2001, Dafa practitioner Liu Wenwei was illegally seized at his work unit, the Inspection Branch of the Harbin Railroad Bureau. Within two days, the Public Security Section of the bureau sentenced Liu to three years in a forced labor camp. Liu Wenwei is now imprisoned in the Fuyu Forced Labor Camp in Heilongjiang Province. Liu's mother, who is in her 60's, has no source of income and nowhere to appeal.

Dafa practitioner Yang Jianxiu, who was an employee of the Electrical Engineering Section of the Harbin Railroad Bureau, was taken from his home on January 6, 2001. Yang is now illegally imprisoned in the Harbin Railroad Bureau Detention Center, and will soon be sentenced and taken to a forced-labor camp in Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province.

Practitioner Yang Jinghua, who was an employee of the Harbin Railroad Economics and Trade Company, was sentenced to two years of forced labor because of his firm belief in Falun Dafa.

As of now, there are 24 Falun Gong practitioners imprisoned in the Harbin Railroad Bureau Detention Center.

On November 21, 2002, Dafa practitioners Niu Jiahui and Zhao Kai, from the Harbin Railroad Bureau South Mechanical Section, and Jiao Xuguang, from Harbin Railroad Bureau Southern Station, were sentenced by the Harbin Railroad Transportation Court. Niu Jiahui was sentenced to five years; Jiao Xuguang and Zhao Kai were sentenced to three years.

Telephone numbers of some of the criminal persecutors:
Director of the Harbin Railroad Bureau: He Hongda, 86-451-6422150
Director of the Public Security Section, Harbin Railroad Bureau: Han Aiguo, 86-451-6423648 (daytime), 86-451-6427908 (evening); Xu Xiaohai, telephone: 86-451-6422629 or 86-451-6422628 (daytime)

2. Harbin Railroad Bureau and its sub-bureaus plan brainwashing sessions:

The Harbin Railroad Bureau and each of its sub-bureaus held meetings separately before July 20, planning the continuance of brainwashing sessions. Practitioners, please make sure to hold strong righteous thoughts and completely eradicate the arrangements by the evil beings.