August 3, 2003

( One morning in the spring of 2001, a Dafa practitioner went to visit a friend to clarify the truth about Dafa. He was followed all the way by a security guard. As soon as he noticed that he was being followed, the Dafa practitioner debated in his mind whether he should keep going or not. After several seconds, the practitioner's righteous thoughts made him keep going; he thought to himself, "Telling the truth and saving people are the best and most righteous deeds. Everyday people can visit their relatives and friends freely, why can't Dafa disciples who are assisting Master to rectify the Fa go freely to their destination? The follower is just an illusion, I should be able to restrict him and make him change." Walking on the narrow village roads with the security guard following him closely, the Dafa practitioner started to clarify the truth to him. They walked together for about a mile like this. In the end, the security guard said, "I did not see or hear what you did or said today. I am following you since I was assigned by the higher authorities to do so. I have to do what I am paid to do."

At about 10:00 a.m. they arrived in the village. Lots of elderly people and children in the village noticed the two strangers and followed them to see what was happening. The practitioner told them the truth about Dafa and how he was persecuted for practicing Dafa. People who learned the truth all smiled and thanked the practitioner.

The practitioner went back home at noon and decided to take a short nap before his next visit to another village. As soon as he closed his eyes, his body felt very light and he could feel energy passing through his body. He also saw an award certificate decorated with flowers presented in front of him. He knew that it was Master encouraging him, so he got up immediately and left for another village.