One evening in May 2002, three plainclothes public security personnel came to my home. When they learned that I practiced Falun Gong, they dragged me to the car without explanation. The day after my arrest, I was sent to the Hengyang Railway Detention Center. Several days later, I was brought to an interrogation room in the detention center by four police with Hengyang accents. A little while later, one of them pulled me up from the stone stool I was sitting on and told me to kneel down. I did not comply with his demands. He then kicked me hard in the back. I could not stay standing and had to kneel down. When I tried to stand up again, he stomped on my hands. A policeman surnamed Tang ordered me to straighten my back. I had to put my legs together and kneel down, with my hands behind my back. A policeman surnamed Luo chose two dirty bricks outside and told me to kneel on them. At this time, they began to verbally abuse me. I never thought that such revolting words could come from the mouths of policemen.

I still looked at them and smiled. Then they turned their backs to me. I did not know how long I kneeled down for. They brought handcuffs. They first handcuffed one of my hands and then the other. And then gradually, only my tiptoes were touching the ground. My hands were handcuffed in the air. That day was burning hot and they were ruthlessly torturing me, so my whole body was dripping with sweat and my clothes were soaked. The handcuffs formed a deep crease in my hands. I told them the truth about Falun Gong, but they did not listen to me. They still threatened me, telling me that they would take off my clothes, send me to the male jail cell and humiliate me, which would be worse than death. My hands had turned black and blue from the handcuffing, I could barely breathe and simply could not endure the pain anymore. At this time, one of the policemen said: "I can tell you that a Falun Gong practitioner's death means nothing to us, and it will be called 'suicide' if we beat you to death. We do not have to bear any responsibility."

One time, because I did not obey them, they said dirty words to me and put earthworms inside my clothes. It was extremely hot outside. The earthworms crawled all over my chest, which made me feel very nauseated. I was tortured like this for a whole morning. Right after that, they took two pieces of rope and tied my feet with them. They said they would put eels into my trousers. After a while, they came back, holding several thick and long eels. One policeman held an eel and swayed it in front of my mouth, nose and face. They saw me remaining calm and unmoved, so they threw all of the eels outside of the room.

At another time, they asked me to drink salt water. I knew that every time when they interrogated me they would not let me to go to restroom for a whole day, so I did not want to drink. Then they forcefully handcuffed both my hands behind my back and connected them to an iron fence. Three people took turns pouring water into my mouth. Because on that day I had my period, the salt water and sweat soaked my clothes and the period blood seeped out along my trousers. I held back and felt very uncomfortable.

After they detained me for close to one month, policemen wrote a certificate saying "Not Guilty" and released me, saying they would send me back to my home. However, they deceived me and detained me at a second detention center.

In July, my cousin was tricked and brought to the detention center from Hubei Province by the police. They said they needed some information about me from her. Upon arriving, however, she was imprisoned next to my room and is still being detained.

In August, a band of people from the Municipal Public Security Bureau took turns interrogating me. I was forced to kneel down from the morning until the evening. Sometimes, I was not sent back to the jail until around 1 a.m. at night.

Some fellow Falun Dafa practitioners and I went on a hunger strike to protest our illegal detention and to demand our unconditional release. We were dragged outside by several male criminals. They took out pliers used to enlarge the womb in gynecology and obstetrics and other tools and forcefully fed us. I saw a female Dafa practitioner pressed down on the ice-cold cement floor by five male criminals. Some of them held her hands, some held her feet and some forced her mouth open. Her mouth and teeth were pried open at last. I saw them put rice gruel into her mouth, and then saw the gruel fly out of her mouth and nose. They used same methods to deal with me. I was almost suffocated. When I got up from the ground, I saw rice gruel all over the floor, as well as on the walls, my clothes and on my hair.

So far, I have been detained for over nine months. I hope through my experience, people will not be deceived by the lies any more and are able to judge right and wrong, make a clear distinction between good and evil using conscience and reason, and treat Dafa and Dafa practitioners with respect.

July 13, 2003