(Clearwisdom.net July 12) The police arrested practitioner Mr. Zhang Xuewen, and held him in the detention center in Hulan County. Zhang Xuewen went on a hunger strike to protest. One day, when he had been on the hunger strike for over 20 days and was extremely weak, he was lying on the cement floor. The head of the detention center Wang Yufeng, Zhao Liangui, and the prison doctor Wang Jianxin, force fed him with boiling water, thus burning his mouth and stomach, which led him to have bloody excrement for over 10 days. Due to his serious condition, on June 20, the policemen, without the assistance of a doctor, tried to do an appendectomy on Zhang Xuewen , without asking for permission from his family. After they opened him up, they found it was not appendicitis, so they sewed him back up again. Currently Zhang Xuewen's life is in great danger.

Practitioner Ms. Huang Xueying was arrested and has been detained in the Hulan detention center since April 2003. In order to protest the illegal detention, she has been on a hunger strike for over 50 days. Wang Yufeng, Zhao Liangui, and Wang Jianxin force fed her and seriously injured her mouth. They said callously, "Just drag her out if she dies." Currently Huang Xueying's life is in great danger.

The relevant responsible person's phone numbers:

Hulan detention center, Wang Yufeng: 86-451-57343203(W); 86-451-57332968 (H)

Hulan detention center, Zhao Liangui: 86-451-57343203(W); 86-451-57322567 (H)

Hulan detention center, Wang Jianxin: 86-451-57343203(W), 86-451-57335811(H)

Hulan County President, Fu Fengzhi: 86-451-57321101(W)

Hulan County government, Qu Xianjun: 86-451-57321217(W); 86-451-57371699 (H)

Hulan Police Department Head, Wu Wei: 86-451-57321531(W)