Mr. Wang is a regular customer in the Chinese restaurant where I work. He is over sixty and small in stature, but very capable and efficient. He was born in China, where his father owned a small shop with some land and houses. However, all of his property was confiscated at the beginning of the "Movement of Liberation". His family went from riches to rags overnight. Mr. Wang was in his teens at the time and was forced to go to Hong Kong with his father. After traveling to many places, Mr. Wang eventually came to the UK by himself. At that time, London had no Chinatown or Chinese shops; there were only a few Chinese restaurants. Mr. Wang started his own business and went through decades of hardship. He is now retired and owns a great family property after a lot of hard work. Every day he spends his leisure time in the restaurant where I work, and we've become good friends. Mr. Wang greatly admires my Teacher, Mr. Li Hongzhi. He gave a thumbs up sign and said, "He is still so young, yet there are so many people practicing his cultivation practice. Fifty years old is still very young!" After he listened to the tape of "Zhuan Falun" [the main text of Falun Dafa] for the first time, he made the thumbs up sign again: "Your Master is really great. He knows so many things!"

On 20th July, I went to the Chinese Embassy, where UK Dafa practitioners were holding a peaceful appeal calling for an end to the vicious crimes of Jiang Zemin and his brutal persecution of Falun Gong. This was followed by a parade through Chinatown. When I came back to the restaurant, Mr. Wang was very concerned for my safety. He asked whether the Chinese Embassy took any photos. I told him that the Chinese Embassy is afraid of Falun Gong! They always hide themselves behind the curtains when taking photos of practitioners and we never pay them much attention. Mr. Wang asked with his eyes wide open: "You have never been afraid?" I said, "They're the ones who are afraid of us. We've never been afraid of them." Mr. Wang gave me a thumbs-up again, and said happily, "They fear Falun Gong the most. They don't even dare to receive letters from Falun Gong practitioners." Mr. Wang asked again, "Did you hold banners during the parade?" I said, "Yes. I held a banner that read, 'The Heavenly Principle is Clear: Evil Cannot Escape Punishment. Bring Jiang Zemin to Justice.'" After hearing this, Mr. Wang said, "Though I don't practice Falun Gong, I want to join your activities if I ever get the chance!" I looked at him in astonishment. He continued, "I want to defend Falun Gong against injustice! Why does the Chinese government treat Falun Gong this way? You are all peaceful, kind, and you never resort to violence." When I saw Mr. Wang's sincerity, I smiled from my heart.

I also told him this story about something that happened outside the Chinese Embassy that day. One British gentleman approached me in front of our display boards and told me that he worked nearby. He said that he was very touched after seeing us appealing at the Embassy every day. We have now been there 24 hours a day for over a year. He felt so strongly that he went to the Chinese Embassy to ask them why they do not allow Falun Gong practitioners to practice exercises and appeal directly in front of the Embassy, but instead make them sit on the opposite side of the road. The officials gave him an excuse that the pavement outside the Embassy is too narrow. The gentleman immediately saw through this and reminded them that the pavement on the opposite side of the road is the same width. This gentleman came to tell Dafa practitioners that the Embassy is very afraid of Falun Gong and what they said was absurd. After hearing the story, Mr. Wang said approvingly, "Right! They are not rational. They are totally unreasonable!"

Four years of brutal persecution has not eliminated Falun Gong. Instead, it has made more countries and people all over the world know that the Chinese government is lying, and allowed them to realize the brutal nature of Jiang and his regime. Good people can see the difference between good and evil. I am happy for these people who have come to stand on the side of justice and goodness, and oppose the Jiang regime's crimes against humanity.